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Optimise Your RevContent Campaigns With Widget Blacklisting

By Thomas | Wednesday 15th February 2017


The key to optimising your RevContent campaigns, or any native advertising campaigns for that matter, is to target your campaigns at the right audience.

What are widgets?

When you advertise online through a native advertising network, such as RevContent, your adverts are distributed across their network of well-known websites and blogs, known as publishers. Each of these publishers will have one or more locations on their website where they show adverts from the advertising network, such as along the right hand side or under an article.

RevContent refer to these locations as "widgets" and they're a really important metric to pay attention to when optimising your advertising campaigns.

Why do I need to pay attention to widgets?

As I mentioned in the opening, getting your advertising campaign in front of the right audience is crucial to your success. You want your campaign to be well targeted to where your customers are going to be. Promoting an e-commerce store selling the latest technology? Then you know that you want to be on the best technology blogs out there and not on sites promoting a technology-free lifestyle.

As widgets represent locations on publisher's websites, and therefore the publisher's websites themselves, they're your answer to reaching the right audience.

Different placements on the same publisher site are treated as unique widgets, allowing you to target the placements that perform best for your campaign.

How do I target specific widgets?

This is where it takes a bit of trial and error. RevContent's widgets don't show you the name or even category of the publisher's website, or where on the page your advert will appear. Because of this you'll have to run your adverts without blocking any widgets to begin with. Once you've got some data, you'll be able to see what widgets are providing you with a decent return (ROI) and which ones are costing you money. Over time, you'll be able to build a list of just the widgets that perform the best for your campaign.

Using the RevContent Widget Report in Adzooma, you'll be able to see details on each and every widget where your advert appeared and how they're performing. Once you've identified the widgets that you want to block, all it takes is a few clicks and you can add them to a blacklist directly from the report.

If you're running on RevContent and want to better optimise your campaigns, Adzooma's widget optimisation report is the perfect solution. Create an account today and your widget data will start to appear within minutes!