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3 ways to earn commissions

Refer users to try Free Adzooma Platform and earn $30 per referral.

Earn $69 for every Adzooma Plus subscription

Earn up to $199 for every Adzooma PPC Proposal Builder sale

Challenges and Rewards

Earn even more in bonuses by taking part in our new Partner Challenges and Rewards

Share Adzooma with your friends. When they sign up, you’ll both get a $20 Amazon gift card.

Instant Affiliate Resources

We have everything in place to get you started quickly.

Banners, Images, Templates, Emails, Tips how to promote our brand and more.

An Award-Winning Product

The industry is already taking notice, now’s your chance to profit from the buzz Adzooma is creating.

A Google Partner

With a case study video filmed by Google, you have the tools you need to build trust with your audience.

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High-Level Branding

Another trust builder as people love brands. We put a lot of effort into making sure you can hold your head high when you promote Adzooma.

The great news is anyone can promote and earn with Adzooma.

A HUGE market

According to a recent report by eMarketer*:

Google will remain the largest digital ad seller in the world in 2019 at


in ad revenue, which is 31.1% of worldwide ad spending.

Google office
Facebook office

Facebook will be No. 2, with


in net ad revenue, up from $21.57 billion in 2018


Huge market, huge figures, growing daily. The potential for this is endless.

Get on board now, set yourself up and enjoy the commissions.

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Give your audience what they’re looking for

Adzooma’s AI and machine learning make it easy for Google, Microsoft and Facebook ads users big and small to manage and optimise in just a few clicks.

  • Reduce effective PPC management and optimisation from hours to minutes each week.
  • No steep learning curve. Adzooma’s automation and simple interface makes it easy.
  • Create ads quickly, analyse for improved performance, reduce costs and get more customers.
  • 50+ expert improvement ‘opportunities’ offer suggested improvements based on best practices and campaign data.
  • Machine learning ensures consistently improved suggestions designed to cut wasted spend and boost ROI.
  • Adzooma’s rocket fast machine learning automation, time-saving benefits and Google Partner status, all add up to growing commission cheques.

Award winning brand

Come and promote Adzooma, the Digital Growth Awards 2019: Best Tracking Technology award winner!

Adzooma’s AI and machine learning make it easy for Google, Microsoft and Facebook ads users big and small to manage and optimise in just a few clicks.

And we grew a staggering 3000% in our first year of business. We’re certainly doing something right.

Uk Digital Growth

How do I become an Adzooma affiliate?

The entire process consists of just a few steps. It takes minutes to set it up:


We give you a link that’s unique which you can use on your websites or in your emails.


Your visitor clicks on this link, our system tracks that they came from your website.


Your visitor browses our website and may decide to sign up.


When your visitor signs up for a free Adzooma account or buys an agency listing, we record the sale and credit you with your commission.

That’s it! You send customers to us, we send you money! And don’t forget, there are
millions of potential customers waiting for our solution.

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