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  • MCC accounts supported
  • Managed multiple accounts with ease
  • In-depth Google Ads audit reports
  • Opportunities for campaign improvements
  • Advanced analysis and automated checks
  • One-click to push improvements

Just a few of our satisfied customers

  • Penninsula
  • Muscle Food
  • ActiveWin
  • BRF
  • BetFred
  • Boom

Manage more clients, with less time and deliver better results

We've already developed a platform that helps you save time and grow your client base. It's a platform that's achieved Google Partner status and received financial backing from the owner of the Betfred Group, Fred Done. Now we need your help to make it even better.

We have plans. Big plans. We want to make Adzooma the single most important tool for online advertising agencies across the globe. But to do that, we need your help.

By being part of our beta, you'll get exclusive access to new features before they are available to the public, giving you a competitive edge. Better yet, we'll work with you to develop features that solve the specific problems you're facing, meaning you have an exclusive opportunity to make Adzooma exactly what you want it to be without the high costs of developing your own platform.

Dashboard Dashboard
Account Summary

Google Ads Health Checks Reports:

Create in depth Google Ads audits in minutes and get deep-actionable insights into the health of your campaigns, including:

  • Ad extensions Ad Extensions
  • Conversion Tracking Conversion Tracking
  • Location Targeting Location Targeting
  • Campaigns Budget Campaigns Limited By Budget
  • Network Targeting Network Targeting
  • Analytics Linked Analytics Linked
  • Re-Marketing Re-Marketing
  • Broad Keywords Broad Modified Keywords
  • Multiple Ads Multiple Ads
  • Losing Ads Losing Ads
  • Losing Keywords Losing Keywords

Introducing our Opportunities Engine


To help you cut down on your Google Ads optimisation time we’ve developed a powerful yet quick and easy to use optimisations feature called ‘Opportunities’.

By regularly analysing an account's structure and performance the feature Adzooma uses 50+ checks to identify opportunities that have the potential to improve the performance of your account, many of which can be applied with just one click.

Improve performance - identify ways to increase your impressions, clicks and conversions.

Reduce Wasted Spend - highlight poorly performing areas of your account and where you should divert that spend to for better ROI.

Account Structure and Best Practices – implement correct account structure and best practice to optimise performance.

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"We are pleased to have Adzooma on board as a Google Partner," said Adrian Blockus, the head of channel sales for Google in the UK and Ireland.

"Adzooma has demonstrated the product knowledge, technical expertise and drive to help their customers build online success through Google Ads."

Let us help you scale - Join the Adzooma Beta in three easy steps

Let us help you scale

Join the Adzooma Beta in three easy steps

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Our opportunities engine analysis your account data for opportunities, generating actionable improvements within 60-seconds.

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