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How We Grew 3000% By Helping Businesses Harness The Power Of AI For PPC

Only 23% of companies have incorporated AI into their business. We’re on a mission to change this.

Every leading global brand has one thing hidden up their sleeve: AI.

Amazon generates 35% of its revenue from its AI recommendation engine. Netflix’s AI recommendation system saves the company $1 billion a year and influences 75% of what their users watch.

The benefits of AI aren’t just for the big players. They’re for every single business.

In fact, PwC predicts that by 2030, the UK’s GDP could grow by 10% from AI alone. This is equivalent to $289 billion.

Yet, only 23% of companies have taken advantage of it. This could be because you might feel like you’re priced out, that you’re too small to have the technology or just don’t have the resources to implement it into your business.

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Whatever the reason, we’re here to change it.

We built Adzooma to make online advertising easier, quicker and more effective through the power of AI. Now, we’re on a mission to help businesses of all sizes reap the benefits of it to streamline their processes and grow like never before.

Inventing AI to make online advertising easier

Back as a small agency, we tried every tool on the market to try and find a way of making campaign management easier and quicker. But there was nothing that worked the way we needed it to.

So, we created it.

Powered by AI, the Adzooma platform revolves around these core features:

  1. One-click optimisations

    At the heart of Adzooma is the Opportunity Engine, our core AI that analyses your PPC accounts. Crunching the data, it generates suggested actions that you can take to improve your campaigns. We call them Opportunities.

    Most of these Opportunities can be applied with just a single click, letting you optimise your campaigns in a matter of seconds without having to manually interpret your own data. Now, that’s time-saving.

  2. Automated rules

    Our automated rules are designed to put an end to repetitive manual tasks and give you more of your time back. When a certain event happens, like your CPC’s going below a certain amount, we’ll automatically take the action you’ve set or alert you ASAP.

    Just set a rule and we’ll take care of the rest.

  3. Custom reports

    Create custom reports that are ready to export in minutes. No more chasing data and manually copying into your format or chosen program. Simply pick the data you need, displayed the way you want, with your own, or your client’s, logo on top.

From humble origins to giant advertising partners

We knew Adzooma was something special and had to be shared with the world. After a chance meeting with Google at an ad:tech conference in 2017, we seized the opportunity to put us on a path to achieve this goal.

Since then we’ve partnered with Facebook and Microsoft and integrated their advertising into our platform. We’ve also secured multi-million-pound investments from Betfred owner Fred Done and a US investment firm, who believe in the Adzooma platform and can’t wait to see how we grow.

With their backing, we’ve grown our company by over 3000% and maintained consistent triple-digit quarterly growth. We started out as a small team of 12. Now, we have over 90 people across three offices in Nottingham, London and Manchester. And that’s just the start.

We’re not an overnight success story. We’re living, breathing proof that a talented team with a great product can reach incredible heights.

And we’re here to help your company grow just like ours.

Levelling the playing field for all businesses

We built our platform to be accessible. That means that every business, regardless of your size or industry, can leverage our AI to manage your advertising.

  • Brand new to PPC? We make data easy to understand despite your experience and our suggested Opportunities will help get your campaigns off the ground and returning a profit.

  • Been in the industry for years? Our platform gives you total control over your campaigns, with the functionality to automate manual tasks and make better use of your time.

  • Manage several accounts? Connect them all and switch between them in seconds. You can also generate custom reports with your own logo, ready to send to clients and stakeholders.

  • Want to scale your business? Our intelligent AI will make onboarding new clients faster than ever before, by automatically creating accounts and generating full campaigns based on their name and website.

Whatever you need, we’ve got a solution.

We also have a lower price point than anyone else on the market, with prices starting from just 19 per month. When we say accessible to all, we mean it.

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Harness the power of AI today

Only 23% of businesses have implemented AI. We’re on a mission to change it, by making our software easy to use and accessible to all.

Don’t want to be part of the 77% of companies left behind? Discover how AI can deliver untold growth and benefit your digital advertising campaigns.