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5 Best PPC Reports To Show Your Clients

July 14, 2020
written by Jess Kirkbride

How can you demonstrate PPC performance? With a PPC report. Here are 5 to show your clients that will display the value of their campaigns.

Clear, insightful reporting is crucial for building great relationships with your clients.

It’s how you keep on top of communication, show the improvements you’ve made to their campaigns and ensure you’re both on the same page. When you have a detailed and consistent reporting system, this is made even easier.

Let’s wave goodbye to the confusing metrics and look at the top 5 PPC reports to show your clients.

1. Real-Time Performance Report

Real-Time Performance Report

If your client is constantly asking for updates, you need to show them where you’ve made improvements. Clients want results quickly and they don’t always appreciate that things take time.

Luckily, something like The Best and Worst Performers report can give you insights into what you can instantly improve.

If you know what is causing their campaigns to tank, you can switch off the campaign altogether and see their ROI increase. Similarly, if you can identify what is doing really well, such as adverts that include a promotion deal, you can work to replicate that success elsewhere.

A report like this is an easy way of showing your clients the highs and lows of their account. By cutting out any unnecessary data, they can quickly understand what’s working and leave you to get on with making changes. You can also use it to help them feel engaged with their campaigns, presenting the data in a format that’s easy to understand.

You can find this inside the Adzooma reporting suite and run it whenever you like, comparing your client’s PPC campaigns across Google, Facebook, and Microsoft ads.

2. Device Report

Device Report

When your clients ask about performance, you need to tell them what’s working across every device. If you overlook this data, you will end up creating generic campaigns that are only suited to one type of customer.

Device reports will help you avoid this problem.

Using these reports, you will be able to highlight strengths and weaknesses for your client’s campaigns on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. If you can see that more people use mobile between 11am-2pm on weekdays, you can assure your client their budget is being spent effectively during that time period.

In addition, you can easily show which devices are delivering the level of return your client expects. This will demonstrate that you understand the different customer journeys and can optimise their campaigns based on this data.

Our own Device Report even breaks down the cost, clicks, conversions, and impressions for each device, comparing each metric side by side.

3. KPI Trends Report

KPI Trends Report

Your clients are relying on you to show them data that’s important to their success. It’s almost impossible to do this without a KPI report.

KPI reports, or Key Performance Indicators reports, are designed to show how well your client’s campaigns are performing against their goals. It’s how you’re going to show them the improvements you’ve made and the results you’re generating for their budget.

You can use these reports to highlight noticeable changes in their performance, such as when you might have adapted their keywords, and present the data on a day-by-day basis. This will distinguish the campaigns that are worth spending money on, leading you on nicely to the different types of KPI reports.

Cost is a crucial KPI to show your clients as it focuses on making their campaigns cost-efficient, increasing and reducing spend, and adapting to any changes (such as the cost or Cost Per Conversion of a keyword).

You can explore the KPI report here.

4. Funnel Performance Report

Funnel Performance Report

You can’t just show your clients the end results. For as long as you’re managing their campaigns, they’re going to want to know every little detail.

The Funnel Performance Report is your golden key.

This will allow you to show your clients exactly how each part of their funnel is performing, all the way from the cost of a keyword down to the amount it will cost them to acquire a customer. You can take them on the journey with you, breaking the data down to show which parts made them the best return.

Moreover, these reports are excellent for giving your client’s a full, in-depth analysis of their accounts. You can even carry out A/B testing of their ads and showcase the results in your report, showing how much of an impact it had through the funnel.

Sound good? Use Adzooma’s Performance Report to compare your client’s current KPIs against their past performance and analyse your funnel performance.

5. Cross Channel Report

Cross Channel Report

A fair number of your clients will have more than one ad account and you don’t want to exclude them. This is where you’ll get the largest amount of data, meaning more opportunities for you to make improvements.

Since there’s so much to work with, a Cross Channel Report is essential for collating your results. A report like this will help to identify:

  • Which channels are performing particularly well from the off-set
  • Compare number of clicks and impressions
  • Assess the cost of the keywords

You can also look at the different ads and ad groups within each campaign, giving your client’s more context behind each account.

With Adzooma, you can even compare two ad accounts side by side and see exactly how they appear on the search results. If your client only uses Google Ads, you can showcase two different ads within the same campaign to demonstrate the improvements you’ve made and how they might impact the customer journey.

A meaningful reporting process

Showing these 5 PPC reports to your clients won’t only help to strengthen your relationship, but will also save you time and effort justifying the data. Everything you need is in Adzooma’s free reporting suite – you just have to fuel it with data.

Be transparent and consistent, but most of all, always keep your client’s goal in mind.

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Find the Digital Agency that best suits you

Adzooma Marketplace is where over 50,000 businesses & agencies come together to find their perfect digital marketing partner.

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