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7 Best Video Marketing Agencies

July 7, 2020
Ateiqa Ali
written by Ateiqa Ali

Read our list of 7 of the best video marketing agencies including Sandwich Video, NoGood, and Brafton.

Video marketing is a powerful tool for any business. With sites like YouTube and Vimeo, users have access to billions of videos and the views and opportunities just keep on coming.

But it’s not all cat videos and dancing memes. Companies are starting to see the benefits of adding video marketing to their digital marketing strategies and combining their efforts with other channels, namely social media and content marketing.

And unless you do it yourself, you’ll need a video marketing agency to help you make the most of things.

What does a video marketing agency do?

Video marketing agencies use video content to help users understand the medium and a client’s business goals. They are in charge of shooting, editing, and finding the best avenues to help your video reach the market that you’re trying to communicate to.

Marketing is all about conveying the message of a brand, product, or service in the most effective and convincing way possible and many consider video to be the most engaging medium of all.

Do you need a video marketing agency?

There is a wide range of ways that a video marketing agency can help your organization reach its goals. They are not simply there to shoot and launch advertising campaigns, though they can help with that as well. If you’re looking to increase engagement, then video content introducing your brand is a great way to do that.

Informative and helpful video content can create brand trust and loyalty. Video content giving a closer look at company culture and values can help you create a distinct brand voice. Furthermore, video content can be used in all manner of mediums, from your website to your social media and beyond. If you have something to communicate with your audience, video can be an effective way to do it.

So let’s look at the 7 best video marketing agencies.

1. Sandwich Video

Sandwich video logo

Location: Los Angeles

Sandwich Video specializes in making commercials and videos aimed at creating an emotional connection between your product or service and the needs of the consumer. This is largely done in four steps focusing on:

  • Creativity
  • Production
  • Post-production
  • Distribution

With an approach that is based on finding the simplest and clearest appeal of your product, they have created well-targeted and clear ads for brands like Slack, Wistia, and Lyft. A relatively small in-house team, their video content oozes a style and energy that have made popular in the tech space.

2. NoGood

nogood logo

Location: New York

Nogood is a marketing agency with video marketing as one of its specialties. Its thorough understanding of the platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow the team to create polished and bespoke video content that your brand needs. They can also help ensure some of the most effective distribution in the business.

Some of their focuses include:

  • Driving conversions
  • Implementing video through multiple marketing channels including PPC, content, and social media
  • Leveraging the power and influence of the video marketing industry with high-quality production

NoGood prides itself in exceptional results for its brands they work with, including P&G, Citibank, Ford, and Reuters.

3. Crafted

Crafted logo

Location: New York

The greatest strength of Crafted is using multiple mediums to help establish and communicate a clear brand identity that makes its clients as recognizable as possible.

Through Crafted Films, the team focuses on inventive and innovative storytelling. Their work includes video marketing across a wide range of industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Food and beverage
  • Real estate
  • Sports
  • Entertainment

Their services include creative content and brand storytelling for both promotional and commercial reasons, as well as tightly produced, how-to demo videos that go beyond the average to make some truly engaging content. Clients include BMW, City of New Rochelle, and NY International Auto Show.

4. Apricot Video Marketing

Apricot Video Marketing logo

Location: Nottingham

Apricot Video Marketing is an in-house team based in Nottingham, UK that focuses entirely on video. They employ a scientific approach to video marketing by applying behavioural economics to make more engaging and goal-driven content.

According to the website, Apricot has analysed over 2.4m seconds of video since launching, which shows they know what they’re doing. The team’s work can be split into three services:

  • Strategy
  • Campaigns
  • Video

These services go beyond simply creating and uploading videos. Apricot design content to be as persuasive as possible and measure the metrics and KPIs of each video, offering regular performance reports to help sharpen the future of the campaign.

5. Brafton

Brafton logo

Locations: USA (Boston, Chicago, San Francisco); Australia (Sydney, Melbourne); New Zealand (Auckland), UK (London)

Brafton is very much a worldwide marketing agency with 7 locations in 4 countries. The digital marketing team brings a host of different video production and marketing services together under one umbrella, making them one of the most versatile teams around.

Their work includes

  • On-location shoots aimed at brand storytelling
  • Animation services in both 2D and 3D
  • Studio productions for a more professional appeal
  • Vox pops that give a more informal “word-of-mouth” feel to your videos

They can also help create whiteboard videos, video blogs, explainer videos, and even cover events. As such, Brafton is one of the teams best equipped to help you make a reality out of any marketing video vision that you might have in mind.

6. SCOPIC Productions

SCOPIC Productions logo

Location: Lancaster

SCOPIC Productions considers video marketing strategy as one of the most important for any business and the team ensures that their clients publish regular video content that’s relevant and in keeping with their vision and values.

Scopic’s approach to videography harnesses a smart blend of creativity, knowledge, and innovation.

Their clients include Western Global, Havwoods International, and Leach’s.

7. Trinity Video

Trinity Video logo

Location: Beograd

For those who want a less-than-real approach with stylized animation, Trinity Video is a team that focuses specifically on telling brand stories through animation. This includes:

  • 2D animation
  • Line art videos
  • Flat animation

This team brings the expertise you may need to help create animated videos for all kinds of purposes, be they commercials, educational videos, product tutorials, or otherwise. They are the only animation-only agency on this list with a clear specialization on the medium.


Which video marketing agency you choose depends largely on your needs. Have an idea of what goals you want to reach and take a look at the services of each. You may see that each brand offers a specialized approach that fits your goals. Just make sure that, when you do want video content, you turn to a video marketing agency to ensure what you produce has a professional sheen to it.

If 7 agencies aren’t enough, why not look through the Adzooma Marketplace for more of the best video marketing agencies from around the world for budgets that suit all types of businesses.

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Find the Digital Agency that best suits you

Find the Digital Agency that best suits you

Adzooma Marketplace is where over 50,000 businesses & agencies come together to find their perfect digital marketing partner.

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