Adzooma Has Been Hunted by Product Hunt. Join Us!

We’re excited to announce the Adzooma product has been hunted on Product Hunt. Head over there now to get your questions answered and tell us about your experiences.


If you head to Product Hunt right now, you’ll see why we’re so excited.

Adzooma is one of the latest products to be hunted which is a huge honour.

We’ve been picked by the number one hunter right now: Kevin William David. He is the Community Director at AngelList and currently reigns as the No 1 hunter on the Product Hunt leaderboard globally.

For those new to Product Hunt, it’s a website which looks out for the best technology and products on the market right now. If you’re interested in industry-leading products, then Product Hunt is one for your bookmarks tab.

Product Hunt has become a great resource for big names in the technology world. The Verge quotes it as having become “a must-read site in Silicon Valley” and many products which have previously been hunted have seen great success.

How Does Product Hunt Work?

Here’s how it goes: only registered, lead hunters can ‘hunt’ a product they find interesting and submit it for comments and review by the community.

Each listing is full of all the information you need about that product, plus pictures, reviews, discussions and more. So, you get everything you could want to know, all in one place.

Better yet, anyone can ask questions to those who have made the products themselves.

The ‘makers’ are there to answer what those most-clued up in the industry really want to know. Plus, users upvote their favourite products, making it easy to see what’s trending right now in the online world.

If you want to find the latest products to get ahead of your competition, Product Hunt is a great resource.
Product hunt customer flow

What Can You Find On Product Hunt?

Product Hunt is exactly what its name leads you to believe it is: a place to hunt for products.

Most of these products are digital and are designed to make your life easier. 

Whether that’s a piece of software, app, extension or something completely different, just a few glances a day can tell you if there’s something out there that could be saving you time and money.

Over the years, a wide variety of things have topped the upvoted list. Things such as Periscope, Startup Stash, and Inbox by Google have all featured and been positively received in the leading tech community.

In Adzooma’s case, our platform is aiming to boost your online advertising whilst reducing your wasted spend and amount of time doing repetitive tasks.

Got Questions? Fire Away

Our co-founders, Rob Wass and Dave Sharpe, will be answering any questions on our listing page, so now’s the time to get direct replies from the makers themselves and really find out the nitty-gritty about Adzooma. 

A product is showcased for one day only on the site, so be sure not to leave it too late to check things out and get your questions answered.

As always, we encourage our users to give any feedback and to tell us exactly how we can improve things. So, whether you have a burning question or want to tell us how we can do things better, head to our Product Hunt listing using the button below and get involved.

Click Here To View Adzooma's Product Hunt Listing

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