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Adzooma Partners with Hike SEO: The Simple SEO Platform To Boost Your Rankings

September 21, 2020
written by Danielle Strouther
Product Marketing Expert
Hike SEO

Adzooma is proud to partner with Hike SEO, the leading platform that makes SEO easy without the need to hire an expert. Find out about the partnership and an exclusive 50% discount here.

Adzooma has partnered with Hike SEO, a powerful platform that makes SEO simple.

Trusted by more than 4,000 businesses, Hike SEO helps get businesses found on Google, without the need for SEO training or to hire an expert. It’s an easy to use platform that provides simple, step-by-step instructions of how to climb the search engine rankings.

Thanks to the new Partnership, we’re proud to offer our customers 50% off your first month at Hike SEO.

How Hike SEO works

SEO (search engine optimisation) can be complicated. Hike SEO aims to change that, with an innovative platform that makes SEO simple.

All, in three easy steps.

  1. Create your bespoke strategy. Hike SEO has all the tools to help you find the right keywords to target based on the top phrases in your industry, generate topic ideas for content, carry out audits on your competition and much more.
  2. Complete your personal SEO to-do list. Based on your strategy, Hike SEO will send you personalised recommendations and step-by-step instructions of the actions you need to take. This covers everything from technical SEO, journalist or backlink opportunities and content optimisation.
  3. Track your progress with accurate reporting. Track the progress you’ve made, what’s working and what’s not with Hike SEOs reporting tools. See what keywords you’re ranking for, the impact your SEO results are having on customer acquisition and the new backlinks you’ve acquired.

Not sure where to get started? Their team will be on hand to guide you through their platform in your 30-minute consultation.

Hike SEO

With Hike SEO, businesses don’t need to dedicate time to learning the ins and outs of SEO or hiring an expert to climb the search engine rankings. This platform gives them all the tools they need to make a difference now.

A common goal to make marketing accessible for all

Hike was founded by Kieran and Andy, who wanted to create a way for all businesses to get started in SEO. The problem was that SEO is complex and most businesses don’t have the time or resources to learn it themselves, hire for an SEO role or even an agency or consultant to take care of it for them.

They knew there had to be an easier way. Thus, Hike SEO was born to guide businesses of all sizes through doing their own SEO.

This is a story we really related to at Adzooma. Like SEO, we started with a small team and a simple idea of making PPC easier for all business. A couple of amazing years, 80+ employees and some outstanding partnerships with Google, Facebook and Microsoft, we made it a reality.

At Adzooma, we set out on a mission to make PPC easier and more accessible to all businesses. Hike SEO has done the same with SEO. Together, we’re working towards a common goal of making marketing accessible for all.

You can read more about how our PPC and SEO platforms will work together here.

Rob Wass, co-founder of Adzooma, says:

“With a similar background and story, we instantly felt connected to Hike SEO and the mission that they’re trying to achieve making SEO easy for businesses. For businesses trying to increase their traffic, SEO and PPC go hand-in-hand. By partnering with Hike SEO, we aim to bring these two areas even closer with easy to use software that makes PPC and SEO easier”.

Andy Allen, co-founder of Hike SEO, stays:

“Partnering with Adzooma was a huge opportunity to help businesses master the entire Google search results. Being present in both the SEO and PPC listings is vital for businesses who want to grow, and Adzooma’s mission to make marketing more simple is so closely aligned to Hike’s that is was a no-brainer to support each other’s customers needs through a successful partnership.”

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Jonny C.

“Having used other tools previously (Wordstream & Optmyzr) I can say that Adzooma is far better value and actually helps you to deliver so much more for your accounts.”

Tatsat S.

“Amazing tool, the functionalities are excellent and it saves lots of time in maintaining multiple ad accounts. Looking forward to making this my go-to ad management tool.”