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Adzooma Launches Partnership With takepayments Limited

April 17, 2020
written by Danielle Strouther
Product Marketing Expert
header image of someone looking at the takepayments homepage on a laptop.

Adzooma has partnered with takepayments Limited to offer a 3-month card payment rental for free – making taking payments even easier through COVID-19.

Adzooma is proud to partner with takepayments Limited. Specialists in helping independent businesses take payments in lots of different ways and they are on a mission to make card payments easy.

With our own mission to make online advertising simpler, their ethos was one close to our own hearts.

Not a takepayments Limited customer? Sign up today for a 3-month card rental – absolutely free!

Who are takepayments?

takepayments Limited are specialists in card payments, trusted by more than 45,000 businesses to manage and enable their card payments.

It was set up by CEO Clive Khan, who has over 30 years of experience in financial services. Having started out helping out at his parents shop at the age of 13, you could say that retailing is in his blood. Formerly a CEO of Travelex and Cardsave, Clive acquired Payzone UK Limited in 2016. The Payzone card acceptance business changed its name from Payzone UK Limited to takepayments Limited in January 2020. As the new name suggests, takepayments is now solely focused on making it easier for SMEs to get paid. From card machines and EPOS systems, to online and phone payments, they are delivering innovative ways to help simplify how customers manage their business.

Their mission: make card payments easy. 

Whether you want to take card payments in person, over the phone or online, they have got you covered. Just tell them what you need, and their team of Payment Consultants will work with you to create a bespoke plan that is right for your business.

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, no jargon and no complex systems to understand. They make it easy.

How does takepayments Limited work?

Setting up with them is simple. Sign up, tell them what your business needs and their consultants will set you up with the perfect package for you.

  • Want to take payments in-store? They can supply you with a contactless countertop or mobile card machine, so you can take payments wherever you are. No more ‘cash only’ signs  And a safe contactless way for customers to pay.
  • Want to take payments over the phone? Just log into your ‘virtual’ card machine online, take your customers details and process the payment. Boom. No more waiting for your invoices to be paid. 
  • Want to take payments online? Have your customers click ‘buy’ on your website and be taken to a secure payment page. Or, have payment information emailed directly to your customers. 

All payments will be PCI compliant and secure, giving your company one less headache. Pay your way with takepayments Limited.

Image showing a happy man taking payment with a card machine, with the text "Get 3 months card rental for free" and the takepayments logo.

Teaming up in a time of crisis 

Online business has never been more important than right now.

However your customers want to pay, online or over the phone, takepayments Limited will make it easy. The best part, this is completely free for 3 months. 

This is great news and something we’ve also been behind as we’ve made our entire platform 100% free until June 1st. If you’re already a customer, you don’t need to do anything, we’ll pause your billing automatically and email you when it’s about to change. It’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Together, businesses can manage their ads and increase traffic to their online business with Adzooma. Then using takepayments Limited, they’ll be able to process the payment easily while cutting down on overheads. It’s the little things to help you through this difficult time.

Rob Wass, CEO & Co-founder of Adzooma said:

“We’re delighted to partner up with takepayments Limited. It’s absolutely brilliant what businesses are doing to support each other during this time. It really shows how strong we are when we come together, and gives a lot of businesses the tools they need to ease the burden in difficult times”.

Andrew McCann, Group Sales Director of takepayments said:

“We’re excited to work with Adzooma, who share our goal of making things easy. We believe this partnership offers an amazing opportunity for businesses, especially during uncertain times, to grow online and are proud to help out in any way that we can”.

Claim your exclusive offer 

Get 3 months of card rental for free with takepayments Limited. This is perfect for paying over the phone, online or whichever way you prefer.

Their consultants will set you up with a solution for your business fast. To claim, all you need to do is sign up through the below link.

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Find the Digital Agency that best suits you

Find the Digital Agency that best suits you

Adzooma Marketplace is where over 50,000 businesses & agencies come together to find their perfect digital marketing partner.

Visit Adzooma Marketplace

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