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Adzooma Partners With Trustpilot: The World’s Most Powerful Review Platform

September 15, 2020
written by Danielle Strouther
Product Marketing Expert

Adzooma are proud to announce their partnership with Trustpilot, the leading online review platform. Find out about the partnership and get an exclusive discount on Trustpilot plans here.

Adzooma has partnered with Trustpilot, the world’s most powerful and trusted review platform.

Home to more than 100 million reviews of over 430,000 businesses, Trustpilot is the number one platform that users go to to leave their experience and thoughts about the business. It helps users build trust in your brand, identifies key problems or assets to highlight in your strategy and gives you a new way to connect with your customers.

Thanks to the new Partnership, we’re proud to offer our customers 15% off Trustpilot’s annual plans.

Why users love Trustpilot

Customer reviews are an incredibly powerful tool.

They help build trust, encourage sales and give your business the edge over your competitors. Whether people are searching for a place to eat, entertainment or a plumber to call, they’ll use reviews to help them make the right choice.

When it comes to leaving reviews, Trustpilot is the platform that stands out miles above the rest, with:

  • 1.1 Trillion ratings and reviews displayed in Google annually
  • 86% of people stating that ads with a Trustpilot rating are more trustworthy
  • Each review translated into 24 different languages

Trustpilot does more than just let your customers see reviews. It’s a powerful tool that companies can leverage to improve their business, as Flight Centre demonstrates by using every review to improve their processes and earn a 9.8 rating.

Why we’ve teamed up

We pride ourselves on being open and authentic while achieving our mission of helping businesses grow.

It’s why we made our platform completely free to break down the price barrier and give businesses of all sizes access to the software to optimise their ads. With Adzooma, you have the reassurance that every time there’s an update, we’ll always give you the reasons why.

With Trustpilot’s core values of integrity, trust and transparency, we saw a common goal to help increase transparency for our clients. This partnership makes it easier for our clients to access real customer reviews that they can use to grow their business and continue levelling the playing field.

With these reviews, businesses can start growing their trust without spending a fortune. They can gain access to real customer insights without high-level technology, letting them compete with the top players.

These reviews are going to become an essential part of the Adzooma Marketplace, giving users a chance to share their experience and help users find the right agency. And that’s just to begin with.

Rob Wass, Co-Founder of Adzooma, states:

“Partnering with Trustpilot is an amazing step for Adzooma. It will be an integral relationship to offer our Marketplace Users accurate customer ratings while helping our PPC platform users build more trustworthy ads with review extensions. We’re excited to see what else the partnership can bring.”

James Owen, Partnership Manager at Trustpilot, states:

“I’m thrilled to be Partnering with Adzooma in such a big way from the get-go, I’ve been really impressed with their platform and the support they offer their users. It’s an important step for Trustpilot to further aid the businesses that use our Platform with additional services, it’s the first Partnership of it’s kind for us and we are all very much excited to watch it grow and develop.”

How to get your exclusive discount

Want to get a 15% discount on your Trustpilot plan*?

Claim yours today by clicking on this link.

*Terms & Conditions will apply. This discount only applies to Trustpilot annual plans for new customers.

Danielle Strouther

As Adzooma’s Marketing Product Expert, I’m used to writing all the nitty-gritty details about PPC and marketing. You might have seen my work on Search Engine Journal, PPC Hero, Techopedia & more. Away from a screen, you’ll find me drawing all manner of strange monsters and dancing around a pole.

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