Adzooma’s Top 6 Image Tools To Improve Your Marketing

Here are our Top 6 image tools to help ensure all your marketing looks polished and engaging. They are all free or low cost and you can work wonders with them, starting today.

Images are super important to brighten up your website and social media posts, show off your products and set the tone for your brand.

They can grab a readers attention and even go viral, bringing you a stack of new potential customers, when you use them right.

Firstly, don’t panic if you’re a terrible photographer or you’ve never used Photoshop before as there are tons of simple to use tools to help you make your pics shine.

By the way, if you want to source legal pics you can use on your website without worry, click here to read our post ‘Sourcing Images For Your Website And Advertising’

Now let’s take a look at our 6 favourite, easy-to-use image tools:

1: Canva

Showing you what Canva Looks like as a webiste.

Canva is a very cool, simple to use online image maker.

Join online and you’ll be presented with over 100 different templates to use for designing all your image based graphics. 

Some of these depend on your subscription level, so make sure if you’re using the free version you choose the free examples.

You will find easy to personalise templates for Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram posts, infographics, ebook covers, magazine covers, wallpaper, banners, posters, menus, business cards and a stack of other useful templates.

You have complete control over all aspects of your designs, including text, background textures, and solid colours, along with access to over a million free images including buttons, banners, lines, grids, shapes, frames, icons, and arrows. 

Canva is pretty advanced too as it supports layering, so you can move your text, images, and other things around on the screen, inserting objects behind and in front of others to get your image to look exactly as you want.

You can upload your own images, use filters, flip your images, crop them, and when complete, you can save the image to your PC as a PNG or PDF.

Click here to visit Canva

2: Social Image Resizer Tool

Showing you what social image resizer tool Looks like as a webiste.

This is one of those things that does what it says it does. It simply resizes images, ready for you to use on your social media profiles.

It’s an online tool, so you just upload a photo from your PC or use an image URL, then you can resize it to fit perfectly on the most popular social media websites, including: 

  • Facebook cover photos
  • Twitter header images
  • Pinterest thumbnails
  • YouTube profile images
  • Favicons
  • Plus, plenty of others

You can decide which part of the image is resized by using the crop tool on any part of the picture.

Once you’ve finished, your pic will resize and you’ll be able to see exactly what it looks like before you download it.

Click here to visit Social Image Resizer Tool

3: PicMonkey

Showing you what Picmonkey Looks like as a webiste.

PicMonkey is an online photo collage maker which enables you to open multiple images sources at once, such as your PC, Dropbox, Facebook, or Flickr, make your collage, then share it across the web via places like Tumblr, Pinterest and email.

There are more than 20 collage layouts available and the great thing is, once you’ve uploaded your pics your photos automatically adjust to fit when you switch between the templates.

Or, you can drag and drop photos wherever you want them and PicMonkey also includes more than 50 textures you can also use.

Choose your custom collage height and width, adjust the background, spacing, choose coloured or transparent and you can even make the corners of the images round.

If you have multiple products to show off, this could be a great tool for you.

Click here to visit PicMonkey

4: Recite

Showing you what Recite Looks like as a webiste.

A really simple tool with a powerful use. This allows you to make quote images to use on social media.

Quotes are always popular as they make people stop and think and they are known to be great contenders for going viral.

With Recite, you simply type your quote in the editor and choose a layout from the provided templates.

They look great and you could feature 1 or 2 of them a week on your profiles. Use quotes to match your industry and they should engage more people.

Click here to visit Recite


Showing you what looks like as a webiste.

Paint.NET was designed as a free replacement for Microsoft Paint (part of Windows), however, it now beats Paint in its levels of functionality and it has some advanced features.

Paint.NET supports an unlimited undo function, layers, various special effects and a ton of other tools.

Basically, for most people, Microsoft Paint was good for resizing images and not much else, but Paint.NET is far better for advanced photo editing, with functions usually associated with paid programs.

Click here to visit Paint.Net

6: Fiverr – Incredibly useful for your business

Showing you what Fiverr looks like as a webiste.

Fiverr isn’t a ‘tool’, but it’s a great resource for all kinds of things you may need for your online business, including awesome image resources.

Basically, it’s a marketplace where people list jobs they’ll do for $5, which are called ‘gigs’. You can source a huge range of services from photo editing, ebook cover creation, voiceovers, video work, research, backlinking, the list just goes on and on.

All sellers have a ranking and comments from past customers, to give you a better idea of who to hire for a certain job.

It’s actually amazing the things you can have done for just $5 and Fiverr is well worth a look through.

Click here to visit Fiverr

Summary . . .

Images are obviously important for your website and your online marketing efforts. They can make your site look more professional, engaging, and help with conversions.

Obviously, they are essential for social media and these tools will make your image creation much easier and you might even have some fun along the way.

Click through to the sites and have a look at how useful these tools really are and you’ll see it’s now much easier to give your business the £MILLION brand look.

Don’t forget, Adzooma can make it easy for you to create effective advertising campaigns using the images you create with these tools.

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