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    Adzooma BlogResearchThis is What Happened When We Asked AI to “Predict” The Top-Selling Toys & Tech of 2020

This is What Happened When We Asked AI to “Predict” The Top-Selling Toys & Tech of 2020

July 24, 2020
written by Adzooma
A purple toy robot

What happens when you use AI to create the best toys and tech of 2020? We used a GPT-2 text generator to find out.

(Disclaimer – We are not affiliated with any of the brands or products mentioned. This content was purely for illustrative purposes only. If you wish to share the content, please credit as the original source.)

2020 has been a rollercoaster, there’s no doubt about that. But while it might feel like the world is burning, advancements in consumer technology continue to blister on. New gadgets are being developed all the time and young Youtubers are eagerly awaiting the latest must-have toys to fawn over, and this got us thinking…

Can we “predict” what the top selling gadgets and toys of 2020 will be using AI?

So, we decided to have a little fun with it… because, well… why not?! Using a simple open source GPT-2 text generator we input collated data which highlighted the top-selling tech and toys right back to the 1970’s; we were then able to come up with a list of “product” names.

Okay great, let’s design them!…

Taking the names generated, we set to designing what we thought they might look like and of course none of these are real, but we think some of these products NEED to happen!

Can AI predict buying trends? Absolutely. Can AI help steer a market? Of course. Is AI capable of being politically correct and mindful of what could be considered sensitive subjects? Hmmm… not so much.

Here are seven of our favourite “predictions”, let us know which ones would have you running to the shops (or away from them, we’ll let you decide that).

Tear It Out!

Tear It Out

There’s a good chance you’ve played Kerplunk at some point in your life, but never has it felt so relevant. A stellar crossover between the classic game and early onset male pattern baldness, Tear It Out! is the one game that surely epitomises this year. The first half of 2020 has definitely left many of us ready to go full Britney – alright, we know she shaved it off, but let’s not split hairs (pun intended). So, if strategic hairplucking is what gets you going then this is the game for you, just try not to lose your marbles while you’re doing it!



Does anyone apart from your gran still play Boggle? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean “the original word search game” can’t have a facelift! Dragging it kicking and screaming into the 21st century, Goggle is all about the great wide interweb – with a splash of #yolo there and a pinch of #tbt here, your hashtag game will be on fleek in no time.

Hey Snowflake!

Hey Snowflake

Struggling to empathise with the right-wing boomers of social media? If you’re ready to call out the liberal lefties and fed up of all those young ‘un’s thinking they know better than you, then Hey Snowflake! is what you need to Make [insert country] Great Again! (think Cards Against Humanity but more condescending and offensive).

Hairy Babies

Hairy Babies

If Annabelle and Bigfoot reproduced, this is surely what you’d get, no? Available in 4 different shades of real yeti hair (all ethically sourced), Hairy Babies are the perfect gift for any kid you don’t like. With a cute button nose and eyes that want to kill you, each doll is anatomically correct and fully posable, just make sure you keep it locked away at bedtime using the chain and padlock supplied. You’ve been warned.

Pocketwatch Pro

pocketwatch pro

Move over iPhone, things are about to get hipster! Take your waistcoat game to the next level with the latest tech release – fusing classic steampunk vibes with just the right amount of everything you’d expect from a phone/watch thing. You might fight for anti-materialism, but we live in a tech driven world so needs must, right? We’re certain you’ll be the envy of all your counter-culture cronies with the Pocketwatch Pro. Handlebar moustache required.

The Oasis Project

the oasis project

“The new normal” is something we’re hearing a lot of at the moment, but the new normal isn’t really all that appealing… So why not create your own? Go full Black Mirror and step into your own little virtual world with The Oasis Project, let go of the real world stresses and build the life you can only dream of. Want that big house by the sea with steps down to a private beach… it’s yours! Want to surround yourself with 300 fluffy kittens… go for it! Do whatever makes you happy, but be careful, it’s addictive and you might not want to come back…

Amazon Homebrew

It’s a yes from us! Download the app, choose your ingredients, watch it brew and voila! Your very own beer delivered to your doorstep (or chucked over your back fence if you’re not at home). We want this and we want it NOW!

We’ve loved working on this project and it definitely produced some products we’re sure could be a big hit if only they were real. The seven we designed were by no means all that the generator came up with so, here’s a few others that we loved and we’re certain you will too:

Don’t Touch It! – A board game you have to play with your elbows, with no more than 6 players and you have to stand two metres apart at all times or you lose.

G-Force Mask – The OG of protective faceware, made using highly developed synthetic fibers and components akin to those found on the nose cap of the latest SpaceX shuttle – nothing is getting through this bad boy.

Sega Polaris – Like a phoenix rising, Sega’s re-entry into the console market. Cloud-based gaming with classic characters such as Sonic, Alex Kidd and Joe Musashi ready to give you all the nostalgic feels. We’re here for it!

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