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10 Best Content Marketing Agencies of 2020

July 10, 2020
written by Amber Dawson

Read our list of 10 of the best content marketing agencies including Brafton, Re:signal, and Fractl.

Many people struggle to understand content marketing and what it entails but it’s one of the most effective ways to reach consumers without directly selling your product or service to them.

Getting to grips with content marketing and adding it to your strategy can take time and a great solution is employing an agency to direct you. But that can be challenging if you don’t know where to look or what to look for.

To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of 10 top content marketing agencies with locations, details of what services they offer, and previous clients so you can narrow your search and find the best agency for your needs.

What do content marketing agencies do?

Before you can employ a content marketing agency, you need to know what they do.

Content marketing agencies include teams of marketers who specialize in the creation of content, be it in written form, graphic, or video. They often work closely with design, branding, social media, and SEO to develop a strong brand message through storytelling.

The key difference between content marketing and promotional copy on, say, a blog, is that content marketing involves authoritative content related to a brand’s industry without selling the brand or its services.

Do you need content marketing?

The short answer is yes.

If you want to communicate with customers, you are going to need content. However, most decision-makers in organizations are not equipped to create high-quality content that can reach their audience in the most engaging and effective ways. As such, to make sure your message gets across in a way that helps you get closer to your organizational goals, it’s recommended you work with the content marketing specialists who can help.

So let’s look at our choice of the best 10.

1. Brafton

Locations: USA (Boston, Chicago, San Francisco); Australia (Sydney, Melbourne); New Zealand (Auckland), UK (London)

We’ve previously mentioned Brafton in our list of the 7 best video marketing agencies which goes to show how good they are.

Brafton’s focus on high-quality content through a wide range of media makes them a perfection choice for your next content marketing campaign: Services include:

  • Blogs
  • eBooks
  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Digital assets
  • Videos
  • Website copy
  • Newsletters
  • Emails

Previous clients: Career Profiles, TAB Bank, and USC Consulting Group

2. Column Five

Location: California and New York

Column Five’s content creation strategy works by taking the time to understand the client and their best stories. From there, they help create content formulae from those stories, turning them into audience experiences, then publishing and delivering the content created as a result.

This includes a range of motion graphic and video work that’s designed to make telling the important stories to your brand engaging and even enjoyable.

Previous clients: Visa, Microsoft, zendesk, and Spotify

3. The Content Bureau

Location: California

This content marketing agency specifically works on creating content for the B2B (business-to-business) market, aimed at professional audiences. Their work spans industries including:

  • Technology marketing
  • Financial writing
  • Venture capital
  • Private equity

By drawing from reports, articles, and other research, the Content Bureau prioritizes creating content that shows thought leadership amongst these industries, helping bring your brand and your message to a whole new level.

Previous clients: American Express, eBay, and JMI Equity.

4. Eucalypt Media

Location: Florida

A team that specializes in content marketing and SEO, Eucalypt Media has developed the tools to help grow organic marketing campaigns to their fullest potential with the creation and smart placement of content that drives more clicks and conversions.

They can work to create SEO content, create strategic content plans from the ground up, and establish PR and thought leadership campaigns, too, having won accolades and recognition as global leaders in marketing, advertising, and communications PR services.

Previous clients: The Atlantic, Maxwell House (in conjunction with Ogilvy & Mather), Instore, and YarcData.

5. Fractl

Location: Florida

Fractl describes itself as a “digital growth agency”, that offers a range of services all aimed at optimizing and boosting the organic growth of the brand. Alongside technical SEO and digital PR, content development is one of those strategies.

Aside from developing content for SEO and PR purposes, they also focus on organic strategies such as link-building, which can directly lead to conversions and other objective important outcomes. Their organic growth strategy services combine these different approaches together.

Previous clients: Superdrug, Travelmath, and

Adzooma Marketplace

Find the Digital Agency that best suits you

Adzooma Marketplace is where over 50,000 businesses & agencies come together to find their perfect digital marketing partner.

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6. IGW

Location: New York

IGW, or Infographic World, is a “full-service growth marketing company” that specializes in visual learning content. This visual content can include infographics, explainer videos, whiteboard animations, interactive content, 3D animation, print design, and more.

Having worked with over 100 Fortune 500 companies, their process involves putting together a strategy based on both market analysis and collection of the brand’s best stories before finding the best visual medium and method to tell those stories in a way that engages and informs.

Previous clients: Mondeléz, HP/Oracle, and Discography Channel

7. NeoMam Studios

Location: London

The focus as NeoMam Studios in on shareability and long-term search visibility. By creating evergreen content with high shareability, they aim to empower brands to build brand visibility and recognition that lead to new growth.

“Our mission is to create content that people want to share for months and years to come.”

A quote from the NeoMam Studios website.

This includes using content to drive an SEO strategy, developing research, copy, and visual assets and continuously testing the way in which this content is deployed to ensure greater success as the campaign goes on.

Previous clients: Expedia, Jennings Harley-Davidson, and HomeAdvisor

8. Re:signal

Location: London

Self-titled as an “organic performance agency,” Re:signal is a firm that specializes in content that is developed for search engine optimization and marketing strategies. Having worked with Financial Times, Deloitte, River Island, and others, they work through four steps.

After an opportunity analysis, they put together an SEO strategy and implement it through technical SEO, on-site content production, and digital PR, which is then measured and tweaked through extensive performance reporting. All of this is done through collaborative account management with the client, ensuring your input is always a part of the process.

Previous clients: Expedia, Asics, and Deloitte

9. Verblio

Locations: Denver, CO

A team of “content enthusiasts”, Verblio delivers content of all kinds but specializes in creating engaging and shareable blog content above all else. Their team of 3,000 US-based content writers works based on the niches they are strongest in and are able to meet very high content demands, even for those companies that need over 100 pieces a month.

Previous clients:, SocialSEO, and CarHopper

10. Volume Nine

Location: Denver, CO

A digital media and marketing team that offers a range of services, including social media and SEO. Their content marketing services can feed into both of those services, but can also fit blog marketing needs, as well as content amplification.

As such, they can be a good fit for those who are looking to enhance and improve the performance of their content, as well as those who need a content strategy developed from the ground up.

Previous clients:, Vitamin World, and Brakes Plus


Choosing the best content marketing agency to meet your needs means finding the team you can rely on to match the voice you want, bring the industry expertise you need, and help create the strategy that works for your business. The agencies above can all do that, it’s just about taking the time to find which one works best for you.

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Amber Dawson

I’m the Creative Content Strategist at Adzooma and spend my time coming up with ideas and writing about Digital Marketing. My work features on the likes of Marketing Donut and PPC Protect. I studied English at Exeter University and have a Creative Advertising Masters from Falmouth. In my spare time, I like to read, draw and get taken for walks by my German Shepherd.
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Find the Digital Agency that best suits you

Find the Digital Agency that best suits you

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