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Bing Looks Set To Become “Microsoft Bing” In New Test

August 12, 2020
written by Amber Dawson
Bing Looks Set To Become "Microsoft Bing" In New Test

Microsoft appears to be testing a Bing rebrand using the name "Microsoft Bing". We investigated and explained why we'll be using that name from now on.

Hawk-eyed Bing users have recently noticed that, for some, their search engine has a new name and logo. 

In what appears to be a new split test, Microsoft is trialling a rebranding. The new logo features the main Microsoft logo and the name ‘Microsoft Bing’. For now, it is unsure whether this is merely another test – like their curvier version of the Bing logo – or something which indicates Microsoft’s new direction.

Why have they changed the name?

For years, the tech giant has kept its name separate from the Bing branding. This move would make Microsoft’s ownership much more prominent, as many don’t realise they’re behind the search engine.

Microsoft has always been a dominant force with the likes of Skype, Xbox, Office and LinkedIn all under their belt. But they appear to be stealthily taking over more and more market share; the brand has featured in the news a lot recently for expanding its Samsung partnership and their interest in acquiring TikTok.

Perhaps this is a move to further strengthen the Microsoft brand name while the rest of Big Tech continue to splash around in political hot water. Pulling the search engine in closer to its main branding would certainly help it mould into a singular wrecking ball.

The impact on PPC and SEO

What impact Bing turning into Microsoft Bing would have on the SERPs is obviously yet to be seen, but it’s unlikely to have much impact on keywords. 

The name Microsoft Bing encompasses both types of branding, so it’s not as though either is disappearing. Plus, they’ve already changed Bing Ads to Microsoft Advertising, so this move would simply align more of their Search branding. 

Why we’ll be adopting ‘Microsoft Bing’ 

The name Microsoft Bing leaves no room for confusion. With a wide-reaching and varied audience, we always aim to write with clarity here at Adzooma. Adopting this name will help us to do that even more.  

Microsoft Bing is exactly what it says on the tin – so you’ll be seeing it a lot more in our posts in the future. 

Amber Dawson

I’m the Creative Content Strategist at Adzooma and spend my time coming up with ideas and writing about Digital Marketing. My work features on the likes of Marketing Donut and PPC Protect. I studied English at Exeter University and have a Creative Advertising Masters from Falmouth. In my spare time, I like to read, draw and get taken for walks by my German Shepherd.

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