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ClickTech’s latest acquisition ends PPC budgeting nightmares 

November 8, 2023
written by Adzooma
ClickTech x Edee

ClickTech's latest acquisition, EDEE, solves a potentially costly PPC budgeting problem quickly, easily and permanently. And you can book a demo today.

We’re excited to announce our latest acquisition EDEE, a well-established and highly rated PPC budget management tool. 

It’s the perfect addition for Clicktech, as we continue our mission to make digital marketing accessible and more cost-effective for all businesses, regardless of size.

By adding genuinely useful, cost and time-saving tools such as EDEE,  we hope to create a meaningful economic impact by helping millions of businesses to succeed online.

So why is EDEE such an exciting addition for us (and you)?

Simply because it solves a potentially costly PPC budgeting problem faced by many digital marketers. Specifically, mistakes and oversights with your budgeting that can easily result in an overspend nightmare. 

EDEE solves this by automating your budget pacing reporting, helping you avoid underspends and overspends by pausing your campaigns for you (or reducing your daily spends) once your budget is hit.

It’s also packed with other features, including custom budget cycles, rollover tracking, and performance targets.

EDEE has been designed to ensure your complete PPC budgeting peace of mind 24/7, regardless of how big your spend becomes.

  • Save hours every week so your team can focus on optimisations.
  • Reduce manual errors by automating budget pacing and flagging any issues.
  • Avoid overspending on client budgets (i.e. avoid a difficult conversation, financial loss by having to cover overspend from agency fees etc.) 
  • Avoid underspending which leaves leads and/or sales on the table for your clients.

The long list of valuable features includes:

  • Connects with Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and Facebook Ads
  • Avoid under and overspends with automated budget pacing reporting
  • Create custom budget cycles
  • Automatically pause campaigns or reduce their spend if budgets are hit
  • Keep track of your KPIs
  • Set conversions, CPA and/or ROAS targets for your budgets
  • Create multiple budgets for each advertising account

And much, much more. 

We’re also proud to say that EDEE is already gathering positive feedback and reviews. Here’s what a happy PPC Specialist had to say about its time-saving, stress-relieving features:

EDEE is by far the best tool I’ve used for budget management. Checking budget pacing is extremely quick and easy, and I love the features to avoid overspend (reducing spend or pausing campaigns when we are reaching the budget limits). Checking budgets for all my accounts and campaigns now takes maybe 5 minutes (no more creating complex dashboards or hopping from platform to platform), the stress about potentially missing something budget-wise is pretty much gone, and knowing that there’s an automated system to hit pause, if needed, in case we reach the budgets early, allows me to sleep better at night.” 

Taru K. PPC Specialist
To celebrate EDEE joining the ClickTech brand we are offering a 30-day free trial (No card information needed). Try it for yourself today to see how EDEE can become your powerful PPC safety net.

Book your live demo here.


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All the tools you need to make paid advertising faster & more effective

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  • Automate routine tasks and save time
  • Manage multiple accounts from one place
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Jonny C.

“Having used other tools previously (Wordstream & Optmyzr) I can say that Adzooma is far better value and actually helps you to deliver so much more for your accounts.”

Tatsat S.

“Amazing tool, the functionalities are excellent and it saves lots of time in maintaining multiple ad accounts. Looking forward to making this my go-to ad management tool.”