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9 Creative & Inspiring Photography Portfolio Sites

October 14, 2020
Simba Muganiri
written by Simba Muganiri
Photography icons

Portfolios are vital when seeking new and potential clients—we have put together 9 unique examples of photography portfolios to help inspire your website.

Professional portfolio websites are a great way to sell yourself as a photographer. You can use them to display your work in a creative or innovative manner. Your photography website also can double up as an eCommerce site where you can sell your prints.

If you’re looking for inspiring photography portfolio examples, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 9 creative photography portfolio examples.

1. Pedro on the World

  • Based in: USA
  • Languages: English, Portuguese

Pedro is originally from Brazil and moved to the USA to study from the age of 22. His work is a great creative photography portfolio example, as it shows his imagery skills.

His work also contains plenty of examples of photography portfolio criteria expressing beauty, soul, and emotion. You can see his imagery skills in his online portfolio, and it’s an inspiration to any of you who are hoping to create your own.

2. Juco

  • Based in: USA
  • Languages: English

Juco is the online collaboration of the professional photographers Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud. Their online portfolio is a vivid mix of colour featuring a number of bright and daring photos on the front page which really makes it stand out.

The eye-catching colours and quirky designs make this inspiring portfolio a lot of fun to go through as well.

3. Jeffrey Salter

  • Based in: USA
  • Languages: English

Texas-born professional photographer Jeffrey Salter is now based in Miami, Florida. His goal is to capture the poignant nature of the familiar and commonness in the extraordinary. His passion has led to his working being published in several magazines and The New York Times.

His online photography portfolio opens with a number of portraits you can scroll through, most of which are of professional athletes. You can then investigate further into categories and particular projects.

4. Emilee McGovern

  • Based in: USA
  • Languages: English

South Florida photographer and journalist, Emiless McGovern has made a particular choice for her portfolio’s frontpage. It’s one empowering solo photo of her amidst the crowd at a rally or protest. It then gives visitors a choice to browse either the photojournalism or editorial section.

This displays the use of creativity to make a political stand, and showcases her talents as a photography portfolio designer. In the editorial section, you can find her recent projects carefully categorised into conceptual, headshots, and corporal events.

This is an inspiring photography portfolio if you’re looking to set up a business as a photographer.

5. Dave Hill

  • Based in: USA
  • Languages: English

Dave Hill is both a photographer and director with an exciting portfolio. He currently lives in Los Angeles and works on films as well as his online photography portfolio. He’s passionate about many things, including adventure, people, fashion, and cars.

He also always strives to tell fast-paced and energetic stories. Dave Hill has a very energetic portfolio divided into categories displaying both photography and film.

His website if one of the best photography portfolio examples because it inspires creativity, energy, and movement. His first page displays engaging video files as well as professional images.

6. Lauren Naylor

  • Based in: USA
  • Languages: English

One particularly creative photography portfolio example is Lauren Naylor. She employs a vertical grid layout to display her work. Lauren entices the viewer with a beautiful collection of her most recent pieces.

She uses the first page of her photography portfolio to show these in a full screen layout with large images. If they’re interested in seeing more, the viewer can then choose to navigate to other examples of her work.

7. Lisa Bettany

  • Based in: Canada
  • Languages: English, French

Lisa Bettany is one of the most influential photographers online. Originally from Canada, she is determined in making creative photography and video accessible to everyone. She has since helped developed iPhone apps, including Camera+ and become an inspiration to budding photographers everywhere.

Her professional portfolio websites are perfect if you’re looking for tips on how to create the best portfolio. She also a range of different photography portfolio examples.

8. Christina Wilken Photography

  • Based in: USA
  • Languages: English

Christina Wilken is based in Illinois. Her favourite subjects for taking photos include family, children, and pets. Her aim is usually to create a more natural effect using natural light and natural poses.

She believes that the main purpose of a photo is to record a memory, that takes you back when you look at it. Christina Wilken uses a clean and minimalist style, often with a white background. Her online portfolios are available on her photography website.

9. Wayne Holtchan

  • Based in: Hong Kong, Japan
  • Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese

Wayne Holtchan is known for his wedding photography and is based between Hong Kong and Japan at the moment. Some of his favourite things to capture are light, colour, and geometric shapes. His main subjects often include architecture, cityscapes, and people.

His portfolio website work is incredibly inspiring, as he uses his site successfully as an eCommerce. The design of his portfolio website invites interested visitors to buy his pieces and provides a positive customer experience.

We hope these photography portfolio websites inspired you to create one of your own.

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Simba Muganiri

Simba Muganiri
Qualified UX designer and researcher with experience in user interface design and a knack for user testing and data-based design. I’m a firm believer that information and detail go hand in hand with good design. With 15 years of experience in design, I appreciate effective design that has been researched and tested to produce valuable results and data to back it up.

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