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Understand Your Customer Journey With Device Reports

February 1, 2020
written by Danielle Strouther
Product Marketing Expert
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Device reports give you insights into customer journeys and help you optimise your campaigns for all devices. Here's how to do it with Adzooma.


  • Device reports are a great way to see your strengths and weak points on each device, letting you build campaigns suited to each device.
  • They also give you greater information to understand the entire customer journey – helping increase overall conversions.
  • Adzooma a free device report to access all this data for free.

No matter what your PPC goals are, data is the key you need to improve your profits and your campaigns.

But there is some data that often gets overlooked: your device reports.

Device data is essential for understanding your customer journey. After all, nine out of ten consumers today move between multiple devices when making a purchase.

Today’s technology-filled world means that we’re no longer limited to one device. We might start a purchase on one, research it on another and perhaps even purchase on a third. Customer journeys aren’t as straight forward as they used to be and we need to have a clearer view of how all devices are used to understand this.

This is why device reports are needed. You need to see how your campaigns are doing on each device so you can optimise for it.

This isn’t just for cross-device journeys either. Device reports will be able to highlight your device strengths and weak points, allowing you to build campaigns suited to each.

  • Find that more people use mobile between 12-3pm? Up your mobile bids for this timeframe.
  • Find that you have better impressions on desktop? Make sure you plan your brand awareness campaigns for this platform.
  • Find that more people are searching for store locations on mobile? Optimise your store campaigns for mobile.

I’m sure you get the potential of device reports by now. But just in case, here are some case studies of what real companies have been able to achieve with this data.

How device data has increased conversions

Clothing brand American Apparel used mobile device targeting to increase their conversions by 100%.

This was done by using cross-device data to analyse which keywords were performing better on mobile and identifying which had the strongest local intent, such as “American Apparel Store”. Rather than duplicating campaigns for each device, they began using multi-device enhanced campaigns, boosting conversions and increasing their overall click-through-rate by 7%.

In addition, Extra Space Storage used device data to better understand its customers and improve their mobile experience. This resulted in:

  • 24% increase in total mobile conversions
  • 53% increase in conversions from mobile phone calls
  • 33% growth of paid search conversions from mobile

Wanting a better understanding of the complete user journey, personalised photo sellers Shutterfly used device reporting to better understand how sales of their products are started on one device and finished on another.

By factoring cross-device conversions, they discovered:

  • A 15% increase in overall conversions
  • A 60% increase in mobile conversions
  • A 19% increase in desktop conversions

It’s all about knowing this data and using it to better your campaigns.

See your performance with Adzooma’s device report

At Adzooma, we have an entire suite of free reports at your disposal. Amongst them is our device report.

This report gives you a rundown of how desktop, mobile and tablet devices are performing across your campaigns. Firstly, you’ll get at-a-glance charts of key metrics, including your cost, clicks, conversions and impressions by a particular device.

The simplistic design of these charts is the beauty of them. It takes seconds to take in the information and identify your strongest platform for each device – and where things might be failing you. Rather than crunch all the numbers, you can cut straight to the chase.

Underneath these charts, the report will also give you a more throughout rundown of your overall device performance, and device performance across your campaigns. With this information, we recommend identifying outliers and analysing whether each device type is delivering the level of return you would expect.

Everything in these reports is actionable and designed to help improve your campaigns.

Ready to see yours? All you need to do is create your free Adzooma account and import your Google, Facebook or Microsoft advertising accounts. As registered partners with all 3 advertising companies, your data is safe with us.

You’ll be able to access your reports whenever you need them. They take a simple click to generate and will automatically pull the latest data from your accounts so you can continue to improve your campaign.

Want to know more? Check out our Features page and try Adzooma today.

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