Digital Advertising Through The Years (Infographic)

With digital advertising now the most popular way to advertise a business, our infographic looks at how it became successful by charting its fascinating history.

From its official launch way back in July 1969 to the present day, the internet has grown beyond everyone’s expectations. It has become a major aspect of our lives, essential for keeping in touch with friends and family, advertising a business or buying everything from your next car to food for your pet.

It has also become a marketers dream, with a reach that other marketing techniques can’t begin to match. However, it hasn’t always been this way. The history of advertising online has been a slow burn, taking years to reach the galactic level of engagement advertisers can now benefit from.

Our fascinating infographic charts the history of digital advertising, from its humble beginnings to its current status as the number one way to advertise and grow your business.

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Phil Coleman
As a Copywriter with 25 years experience I have written squillions of words, writing for all sizes of business, both online and off including The Chamber of Commerce, the NHS and of course Adzooma. I'm a not so secret UFC fan, I live in the heart of Sherwood Forest and I have 2 pet cats called Copy and Spooky Dave.