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8 Effective Email Marketing Tips

October 9, 2020
Laura Coppack
written by Laura Coppack

Email marketing is an effective form of digital marketing by sending emails to customers with the aim of driving sales. Read our top 8 email marketing tips now.

Email marketing campaigns are a great way to reach out to your client base.

There are several ways to optimise these. Your email campaigns need to carefully planned. If you need assistance, professional copywriters can help you write an eye-catching subject line, preheader text, email marketing copy, and preview text.

To achieve the maximum email marketing ROI, you must boost your email marketing strategy. Here are 8 top email marketing tips.

1. Personalise your emails

Email campaigns should be made personal wherever possible. There are email tools you can use which enable you to enter shortcodes that will automatically be replaced with each individual recipient’s name. Include a real person’s name as the sender as well, this will add a further personal touch to the email.

The name and subject line is the first thing the reader will see and what convinces them to actually open the email. By using an email address with a person’s name, followed by your company’s name is a way to appear both welcoming and legitimate. Include your recipient’s name in the body of the email where possible as well.

2. Keep them short

It’s not only about enticing your readers to open the email, but you’ve also got to keep them interested once they read it. Email marketing copy can make or break your campaign in the body of the email just as easily as in the subject line. You need to keep your emails short, snappy, and easy to follow.

The last thing you want to do is waste your reader’s time or confuse them. Keep your reader’s attention by being concise and to the point. Set yourself a word limit each time, use bullet points, and only a single call to action (CTA). Don’t divert their attention with too many bells and whistles.

3. Know your audience

Email marketing ROI is directly related to how well you manage to engage your audience. In order to reach out to them effectively, you’ve got to know your audience. Think about buyer personas and the language associated with these, for example, certain vernacular. Also, think about your brand’s tone of voice.

Brainstorm the hobbies and interests of your target audience and even their typical daily routine. This way you’ll be able to come up with more appealing ways to communicate to them. Collect data to analyse your audience and which strategies work best in order to reach out to them.

4. Send regular emails

Consistency is an important part of your email marketing strategy. It’s a good idea to send regular emails. You might think it’s irritating for customers but actually receiving regular emails has been shown to more effective.

You will create consistency and brand recognition. Your recipients are either previous customers or potential customers who have willingly subscribed to your mailing list, so don’t worry about appearing as spammy.

Your competitors will be forgotten if they aren’t as consistent, so by regularly showing up, you’ll be able to draw in more business eventually.

5. Keep them out of the spam folder

Email marketing campaigns can sometimes be identified as spam and there are certain tricks email copywriters use to avoid this. Try not to “shout” by using too many capital letters, especially in your subject line.

This is a key trait of spam emails. It’s also important to ensure your emails are opened and read as often as possible. This is actually linked to whether or not they are seen as legitimate.

Focus on keeping them out of the spam folder by learning how to engage with your audience.

6. Think about the subject line

Your subject line is important often it’s the first thing your readers will see. You’ve got to find a way to draw your potential customer’s interest with this one single line.

This means making it clear and concise and delivering the necessary information in a few words. You could try little tricks like adding emojis to make it stand out from the rest of their emails, or use a cliffhanger. The reader needs to see that your subject line matches your name and what you’re offering them.

If you don’t get the subject line right, then there’s a good chance they won’t open and read the rest of the email.

7. Importance of preview text

Preview text allows you to give your reader a snippet of what’s included in your email. This is important because it’s a way to further entice them to open it. Try and write a unique preview text.

You can do this so that it’s hidden in the HTML and won’t appear in the main body of the text when they open and read the email.

What you want is essentially a straightforward teaser, something that gives a good summary of your email’s message, but intrigues the reader to find out more. Use strong action words, or power words, to draw more attention.

8. Entice reader with preheader text

Your preheader text needs to be as enticing as your subject line and preview text. This will increase the chances that your readers will open the email, so don’t neglect this space.

Your preheader text should support your subject line. The preheader text follows on from the subject line in the subject box so it should link in. Its purpose is also to hint further about the content of the email itself.

It’s often the first line of the email in some cases so you want to think about making this clear and concise. Alternatively, add a little bit of text just after the tag in your HTML, to greet your customers.

Email marketing tools

There are a ton of email marketing tools that you can use to create email campaigns easily. Here are our favourites:

Further resources

Email marketing is an effective way to generate interest and awareness in your business. Optimise your email marketing campaigns for the best results.

Laura Coppack

Laura Coppack
As Adzooma’s CRM Manager, I work on everything emails. I love to send Adzooma users on personalised email journeys. Away from the depths of HTML, I enjoy an Aperol spritz in my garden, crafting with a glue gun or cycling around Manchester with my daughter on the back.

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