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Adzooma Product Update: New Facebook Opportunities & Automation

July 31, 2019
written by Danielle Strouther

Optimise your campaigns and save time with newly launched Opportunities and automation for Facebook Ads. Experience upgraded features on your custom reporting. Here’s what’s new at Adzooma.


  • Opportunties for Facebook Ads are now live!
  • You can save time managing your Facebook Ads with automated rules.
  • Custom reporting is out of beta, with easily editable widgets, graphs and images available for all.

It’s Been A Busy Week At Adzooma…

Last week we celebrated our win for the Best Tracking Technology at the UK Digital Growth Awards. Instead of taking it easy after our win, we’ve put the kettle on and got straight back to it. We also went live on Product Hunt which was a massive success.

But that’s not all.

We’re excited to announce two huge updates to Facebook Ads and to custom reporting, making it easier than ever to manage and optimise your online adverting campaigns.

Opportunities For Facebook Have Landed!

Let’s start with the big one. Opportunities for Facebook Ads is now live.

The Opportunity Engine is the beating heart behind Adzooma. It uses machine learning to smartly analyse your accounts 24/7, suggesting personalised opportunities to improve your campaigns.

This feature is already live for Google Ads, but is now launched with the following opportunities for Facebook:

  • Landing page experience. Increase your chances of conversion by making sure your users have a good experience on your website. This opportunity analyses your landing pages, testing for experience factors such as loading speed and mobile compatibility.
  • Landing Page Unreachable. Be alerted if your landing page goes down – so you can pause your adverts and protect your budget until it’s fixed.
  • Lifetime vs daily budget. Get a smart analysis of your account to see if you’re using the most effective budget type for your campaigns.
  • Enable all placements. Expand the reach of your ads and lower your bids, with smart suggestions to push relevant adverts across to Instagram, Facebook Messenger and relevant websites in the Audience Network.

Facebook Opportunities - Landing Page Unreachable

This is just the start for Facebook. These opportunities will keep growing and updating over time, creating more and more ways to optimise your accounts with just a click.

Save Time With Automation For Facebook

Our automation feature is now available for Facebook Ads.

Free yourself from repetitive tasks that take up too much of your working week with automation. Just set a rule and we’ll take care of the hard work for you. So whenever there’s a change in impressions, clicks or CPC, your campaigns will be automatically adjusted to get the most from your budget.

What’s more, you’ll be able to set up alerts when a change happens, so you’re always in control.

It’s part of how we’ve helped our clients save up to 90% of their time managing their online advertising.
Facebook Automation

Custom Reporting Gets Even Smarter

Now out of our beta Early Access Programme, our custom reporting is available to everyone. And it’s just got even better with editable and movable report widgets. Simply drag the widget exactly where you need them on the page and voila. Your report is ready.

What’s more, we’ve also added line, bar and pie charts as well as time comparisons into our reporting, so you can always show your data in the best light.

Once you’re done, simply add your logo and you’ll be ready to impress your bosses and clients.

What’s Next On The Agenda?

If you’ve learned anything about Adzooma so far, it’s that we never stand still.

As well as expanding our opportunities for Facebook, we’re looking to improve our reporting feature even more. This includes showing more insights into the data, as well as improving pre-defined reports to have data studio ready dashboards available at a push of a button.

Remember to keep an eye on our blog for more releases and updates.

Got a suggestion for our next round of updates? Let us know on Slack, Facebook, or email.

Danielle Strouther

Currently writing lots of words about all kinds of unique subjects at Adzooma and searching for a word I like more than discombobulated. I have a masters in Film and Television, so I can tell people I know what’s good on Netflix. Outside of copy and away from a screen, you’re most likely to find me spinning round on a pole.
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Download your free Google Ads Performance Report

Performance Report

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