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    Adzooma BlogNewsGet Ready for Black Friday & Christmas with Event Automation Rules

Get Ready for Black Friday & Christmas with Event Automation Rules

October 19, 2020
written by Danielle Strouther
Product Marketing Expert
Get ready for black friday with adzoomas event rules

Run one-off automation rules and take advantage of industry-created templates for events. That’s all your seasonal events, promotions and one-offs taken care of with our latest automation update.

Our latest update brings you more automation features. Yep, when we said we were making automation better than ever, we were serious. 

This latest update adds the ability to run rules on specific dates as a one-off, as well as new event templates that allow you to automatically launch campaigns on a set date. 

Just in time to get you prepped for Black Friday and Christmas. 

Getting you event-ready with Adzooma 

Got a big event coming up? Adzooma automation is here to help you get ready and ensure your PPC campaigns run smoothly with our new one-off frequency update. 

This update allows you to select a specific date and time to trigger an automation rule as a one-off event, perfect for seasonal campaigns, launching new products or ending sale promotions.

To apply one-off rules, create a rule following the on-screen instructions, click ‘once’ from the frequency drop-down menu and tell us when you want it to run. We’ll take care of the rest. 

New to Adzooma automation? Click here to see what you’re missing. 

Set one-off rules with Adzooma automation
Select the exact date and time you want your rule to run. 

We’ve also got new templates designed to enable your campaign on a selected date. To apply it to your account, just click the rule from our list of templates, choose the campaigns you want to apply it to and the date you want it to run. 

As soon as you click save, that will be applied and ready for your event. 

  • No manually having to enable campaigns at the start of an event.  
  • No reminders to make edits on a particular date. 
  • No worrying if your PPC campaigns will launch when they’re supposed to. 

With Adzooma, you can rely on our automation rules to take care of this for you. 

For all events, big and small

Automation rules don’t just work with big seasonal events either. They’re designed for you to customise and use with your own calendar and campaigns. 

  • Already filled out your calendar bookings for a certain date? Pause campaigns that promote walk-in appointments for that day 
  • Expecting a rush of tourists in town for a local event? Increase your campaign budgets to attract the crowd
  • Predicted a heatwave? Decrease your budget for mobile app campaigns while people are outside soaking up the sun. 

We provide the technology, you apply the winning strategies. 

Screenshot of the enable campaigns on a scheduled date rule
Apply this automation template to your campaigns instantly. 

Still haven’t tried automation?

You’re missing out. 

Automation is the 24/7 virtual assistant you’ve always wanted for your PPC campaigns. Using rule-based systems, automation allows you to create fail-safe alerts and custom rules to take action on your behalf, while you focus on more important things.

It’s powered by a simple to use, rule-based system. If an event happens, it will take a certain action. That could be changing your bids, pausing low performing keywords or just notifying you so you can take action yourself. 

You can create your own custom rules on 50+ metrics, or select one of our expert chosen templates to get started. This includes specific templates for Google, Microsoft and Facebook accounts.

Ane example of industry-selected automation rules inside the Adzooma platform
Just a few of the automation templates Adzooma has to offer

With Adzooma, it’s all free. No trials or credit cards needed. You just need to create an account here. 

An Adzooma automation success story

Let us paint you a picture of how Automation will feature into your PPC workload. 

Our PPC account manager Sophie is running a paid competition on Facebook to drive awareness and excitement over a product launch. It’s a pretty big deal. The competition will end as soon as she’s got 5,000 likes on her post and doesn’t want to waste budget promoting it after this amount. 

Adzooma’s got her covered. 

All Sophie needs to do is head to automation and click ‘New Automation Rule’ to create a custom rule. From there: 

  • She gives it a name and clicks the campaign promoting this post. 
  • Under conditions, she selects to pause the campaign if the post reactions are equal or greater than 5,000. 
  • She selects to run this check every day at 5 pm, giving her users a little extra time to get their entry in. 
  • Finally, she hits save and waits to be notified when her competition is over. 
An example of a custom automation rule inside adzooma
Sophie’s custom automation rule, created in under a minute

That’s Sophie’s competition taken care of in a minute.

Now, imagine what you could do for your accounts. 

Automate events & more with Adzooma

Create PPC fail-safes, get alerted if performance drops and launch events automatically. Automations are your 24/7 virtual assistant to save you time and effort on your PPC management. 

You get all these automation features, and more, free with Adzooma. 

Ready to start automating? 

Sign up for free today.

All the tools you need to make paid advertising faster & more effective

  • Optimise performance and boost ROI
  • Automate routine tasks and save time
  • Manage multiple accounts from one place
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