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Google Ads Simplifies Reporting For RSA Assets & Performance

July 23, 2020
written by Jess Kirkbride
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The latest Google Ads update includes simplification of reports for responsive search ads performance and assets. Here's what it means for PPC managers and advertisers.

Google Ads has recently updated its platform to make it easier for advertisers to view all of their RSA (Responsive Search Ads) assets, including how well they are performing, which ones are pinned, the number of impressions, and performance rating.

As our Head of Acquisition, Will Haswell, explains:

“It’s generally a good breakdown and visibility of overall performance. As the feature has evolved, the reporting has gotten better, so PPC managers can make better decisions on the next lot of creatives they want to run based on performance.

This, paired with the fact that advertisers who add responsive search ads to their ad groups see up to 10% more clicks and conversions, means the update is a big win for advertisers.

To find your own data, go to All Campaigns > Ads & extensions > Assets in your Google Ads account.

Assets screen
Credit: @stevenjohns21

If you have RSAs already up and running, you’ll see that the blue sections are hyperlinked to the relevant RSAs, making the process even easier.

Assets screen

So, what’s actually changed?

Before the update, advertisers and PPC managers would have to search for their RSA metrics individually or make do with the data they had. It was a manual process that took a lot of time.

In fact, without updates like these, over 80% of digital marketers’ time is spent on tasks such as reporting.

Will Haswell continues:

“Previously with RSAs, the insights were very limited in terms of reporting. It’s quite complex as well, because with an RSA’s you’ve got multiple headlines and description variations and combinations.

“The idea is that Google controls the delivery of them and comes up with the best combination to then get the best results, so the best click-through rates, the best conversion rates, and so on.

“It’s basically giving PPC managers easier insights to determine the performance of their RSAs and make it quicker to report on them.

What can we expect moving forward?

As usual, we can expect Google to roll out several features in the near future, especially after their introduction of location insertion, countdown customizers, and cross-campaign asset reporting for advertisers. All of these updates should make RSAs less time-consuming, more relevant and easier to manage.

For the time being, all advertisers should be able to view this new RSA performance data in their Google Ads account.

Will added:

“I think the update will get a positive response from advertisers because the reporting was so limited and convoluted previously. The new interface really speeds up the process and means it’s easier to see results.”

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