Happy ‘World Day of Creativity and Innovation’

Our Design team sat down to tell us about what attracted them to the world of design and share some of their most creative projects

Everyone has an imagination, and a lot of people might describe themselves as creative. But to make design your career, you have to take things to a whole new level.

Designers look at the world with a different perspective – they have to. It’s their job to imagine how things could look in the future, and the path needed to get there.

Project after project, they have to bring that fresh angle to produce something new and exciting time and time again.

In celebration of World Creativity and Innovation Day, we sat down with our Design team to pick their brains about what inspires them and what advice they have for any budding designers out there.

Design Team

Let’s see who’s who: (L–R: Rose, Gav (Head Of Creative), Adam and Charlotte)

What first inspired you to become a designer?

Gav: Since I was a young lad, I’ve loved art and design. I was always drawing and painting my favourite cartoon characters. I still remember pausing my Looney Tunes VHS when Sylvester was just about to catch Tweety Bird, and trying to draw what I could see on the flickering screen.

As I got older, I moved to charcoal and pastels, before getting my first computer and dodgy copy of Photoshop to learnt what digital design was all about. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Adam: I was always good at art, but it wasn’t until I went to a college’s Open Day, with the hopes of taking up a course in multimedia, that I decided to become a designer. I met a fantastic tutor who told me I was more suited for the graphic design course and it reawakened the creative spark within me.

Charlotte: For me, it was that I always enjoyed drawing and colouring in and out of school. I realised early on that I wasn’t the most academic student, but my talents showed through in sport and art. I wanted to follow in my Dad’s artistic footsteps and being good at art allowed me to do that.

Rose: Similar to Charlotte, I loved drawing and colouring as a kid. My sister went to study graphics at University in South Africa and when she came back, her work inspired me to go to college and study graphics myself.

Where do you get your design inspiration from?

Gav: I’m constantly surrounded by inspiration within my team and the Adzooma office environment. But, if I had to choose, it would definitely be amazing websites like Behance and Dribbble. I’m an avid blog reader and just someone talking about the functionality of a drop-down menu will inspire me to create something new.

Adam: I think it’s everywhere – you could be doing your weekly shop and flick through a magazine to look at the latest trends. You can be watching a film and the design of the opening and closing titles can spark a light inside you.

It really can be as simple as sitting and having a conversation with your friends and hearing them say a word you interpret in a different way.  

A great example of this is when I was in University, I worked on a project where we had to create a glorified CV. I was at the pub with some friends and we were talking about baseball. My mate said the word ‘pitch’ talking about a baseball pitch, but it gave me the idea for our project.

I thought “what if we turned the CV into a sales pitch?” So, our CV became a pitch, complete with grass. The most important messages were coming out of the blades saying things like “invite me for an interview!” – and it went across really well.

Charlotte: I agree with Adam – ideas and inspiration are everywhere. You can just look out of a window and find something that gives you an idea.

I also look at online blogs such as Design Week and Webdesigner Depot and they keep you in the loop about all the new things that are happening.  

Rose: A lot of my inspiration comes from Instagram, Dribble and Pinterest. I think I also subconsciously buy products based on the design of the packaging. I won’t buy something if the design is bad.

What is the project you’re most proud of?

Gav: I’m proud of every project that leaves my team. I really like to push and make sure my design is better than my last. If I had to choose, I would have to say designing the new Adzooma creative style. It has really put a new spin on the brand and shows off just how much of a creative company we really are.

Rose: Mine was creating the Raven website and logo. When I started the task, I couldn’t get my teeth into it at first. But since it’s been created, it’s great to see everyone wearing the Raven merchandise and seeing how well Raven is doing.

Raven Track

Adam: Since joining Adzooma, I’ve been given the opportunity to drive an illustration style for the whole company that has been almost completed from scratch.

Charlotte: I designed a full website for the National Association of Jewellers where we designed over 40 templates and worked through the user journey. We created all different types of pages for things such as competitions, feedback and contact options. It was a very fun project to work on.

How do you overcome creative block?

As a team, we all think it’s important to step away from whatever it is you’re doing for a little while. Go for a walk or do a completely unrelated task or chore you’ve been meaning to do. When you come back, you can have a completely different perspective.

What tips of advice would you give to someone looking to get into the design industry?

  1. Publish a lot of work.

Contact companies and ask them for briefs on major design projects they’ve worked on. There are forums and sites where you can upload your work and people will give you their opinions. This way, you’ll gain a lot of experience on real-life projects that will help you grow.

      2. Be adaptable.

Don’t restrict yourself to one sector: make sure you can create both digital and print design work so that if you’re ever required to do either one you’ve got the skills. This really helps when it comes to getting hired as well.

      3. Be strategic.

Don’t just make pretty things. Learn the art of CRO, UX and UI. Learn how to come up with creative ideas on the fly.

Always look for inspiration – it’s all around you. You just need a keen eye to see it. Grow a passion for your art and keep pushing yourself to be better than your last design.

The design team dressed as French Kiss

The design team put their creativity to use at Halloween.

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