How Online Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Web

Artificial Intelligence (AI) sounds like something from an old sci-fi movie, but it’s real and becoming more popular by the day. In fact, you are probably using it yourself, without even realising it. 

Siri, Alexa and the other virtual assistants are all based on AI, along with a huge range of online tools and apps.

AI is also being used more and more online by retailers, to help personalise the buying experience. So, we have finally moved into the age of usable Artificial Intelligence and its use is spreading and expanding quickly. More uses will be added

In this post we are going to explore some of the current uses of AI online and take a look at what’s in store in the future for this long-awaited technology.

Online virtual assistants


Amazon Echo, Google Now, and Apple’s Siri have all helped to introduce us to the idea of talking to a phone, laptop, or even a home appliance.

The problem is, we are already getting bored with these trinkets, and a lack of big, useful updates has made it worse.

The whole point of this tech is its ability to interpret what people are saying in words or text, but how can this be valuable for e-commerce retailers?

Alexa, Amazon’s own virtual assistant, has grown to be one of the most prominent voices in commerce. It’s already been successfully integrated into Amazon’s own products, along with other manufacturers products.

You can, for instance, use Alexa on Amazon’s Echo device, to find local gigs via StubHub, book your Uber taxi to and from the gig, and even order your dinner before the event, via Domino’s.

Hugely popular brands such as the US-based 1-800-Flowers even allows you to send flowers to your loved ones, using just your voice.

Virtual assistants are impacting the way customers purchase and provide a creative opportunity for e-commerce retailers to take advantage of.

Improving the sales process

Showing that turning up your leads will give you highest sales.


The way businesses sell and consumers buy, has radically changed over the last decade thanks to the internet. If you doubt that, just take a look at the current Yellow Pages, which is so thin, it looks like it has been on a crash diet.

Cold-calling is gradually becoming a thing of the past, as the internet makes it so easy to attract, educate, and pitch new clients, via search, social media, and email.

Taking this a step further, it’s now possible to use AI via your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to create problem-solving solutions and a powerful sales message which reaches potential customers at the right time, on the right platform.

AI’s natural language learning and voice input, as used with Siri or Alexa, means your CRM system can answer customer queries, solve their problems, and even identify new opportunities for the sales team.

Intelligent personalisation

Personalisation to your customers


AI can help to enhance your visitor’s experience with your brand by using intelligent personalization on your website.

These ‘Intelligent algorithms’ can help to personalize a whole host of actions, including:

  • Website experience: AI can analyse 100’s of specific data points regarding a visitor, including; location, demographics, device, and their site interaction, then show the most suitable offers and content.
  • Push notifications: Because of this visitor personalization, push notifications can deliver the right message at the right time.

According to The 2017 Real-Time Personalization Survey by Evergage, 33% of marketers in the survey use AI to personalise, and of those, 63% mentioned increased conversion rates and 61% noted improved customer experiences.

Rise of the chatbots

showing you that chatbots are online customer service messengers.


A chatbot is an advanced computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users over the Internet.

They can be incredibly useful for online businesses, taking care of tasks related to operations and marketing.

Chatbots can easily help to automate ordering processes and assist with customer service. 

When people browse online, they tend to be logged into their social media accounts, so there’s a great opportunity to use the functionality of messenger, for instance, to confirm orders or to give instant online support.

Chatbot’s shopping cart integration is another useful crossover and can include the retrieval of essential info like product details, quantities, and shipping terms.

And, of course, online support chat is far faster and more convenient for visitors than support via email, forms, or phone-calls.

It’s not going to stop . . .

AI has established a foothold online and we’re going to see it just get stronger and stronger, as the next few years roll on.

It makes sense too, as anything that can efficiently and intelligently help with our online experience, for either brand or customer, is sure to become popular.

The internet is here to stay, we’re all completely addicted to it and AI simply makes it run smoother.

We’re sure to see more and more uses for AI online, as the tech improves and that’s a good thing because easier, faster, and more convenient is always the right direction.

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Phil Coleman
As a Copywriter with 25 years experience I have written squillions of words, writing for all sizes of business, both online and off including The Chamber of Commerce, the NHS and of course Adzooma. I'm a not so secret UFC fan, I live in the heart of Sherwood Forest and I have 2 pet cats called Copy and Spooky Dave.