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How To Increase Reach and Sales Using Paid Channel Synergy

June 10, 2020
Haley Osborne
written by Haley Osborne
How To Increase Reach and Sales Using Paid Channel Synergy

Here is how you can use the many facets of paid channels and audience targeting to boost your sales and reach.

Digital marketing is developing annually, and with it the online business. The emergence of new channels and the improvement of existing ones open up new opportunities. Only an integrated approach and sound strategies will allow companies to achieve better results.

In this article, I’ll talk about how to increase your reach and sales using the synergy of paid channels.

Where can you find the right customers in your target audience?

Your target audience contains people who represent the core of the business. They are the ones who buy the product or service, therefore it is important to adapt marketing activity to their needs. Ignorance of the latter leads to ineffective measures.

There are several methods to determine the target audience. Companies choose the ones that they find the best for themselves. However, the most effective solution is to combine approaches if the budget and time allow it.

1. Product

The main task is to objectively evaluate the goods that you offer in the market. Highlight their advantages, disadvantages, and the main characteristics, such as:

  • Price
  • Market position
  • Packaging

A good solution would be to conduct a SWOT analysis. Among other things, it will help to highlight weaknesses that can be improved or offset by other product properties.

You should also find out the opinions of existing customers, for example, by conducting a survey. This will help to highlight custom product characteristics that are important to customers.

2. Clients

It is necessary to create a portrait of the target audience. It will help to understand the personal motives for buying a product, as well as purchasing behaviour. When looking at demographical data, it is necessary to determine such characteristics:

  • Geographical (where the product is bought, why there, perhaps there are climatic and other factors that affect demand);
  • Demographic (age, gender, educational level and occupation of clients);
  • Economic (income level, purchasing power, type of employment);
  • Brand loyalty (how often they use the product, what is the experience, how customers are committed to the company);
  • Behavioural (how the decision is made about the purchase, where they find the goods, on which sites share information about the product);
  • Psychographic (desires, values, user preferences, purchasing behaviour and customer stereotypes).

Answering these questions will give you an array of information about your target audience. It will also provide the most effective communication and present the goods in accordance with the customer value system.

After the study, you may need to segment your audience and highlight several customer groups. This can improve product promotion by increasing KPI marketing activities.

How to combine contextual, display, and targeted advertising

A modern user sees a lot of advertising every day. Therefore, immunity to it is growing and it can reduce the effectiveness of advertising. However, combining tools can help to maintain a high level of performance.

One option is ​​contextual targeting. It is a personalized online advertisement where ads are displayed on certain sites.

Initially, you need to set keywords or topics and create a marketing campaign in a PPC advertising service. Search engines will analyze the content on the customer’s website and match it with the generated ad.

The most personalized is behavioural targeting. It not only takes into account given topics, keywords, location and language, but also features of user behavior on the Internet.

In this case, the information collected by the sites is taken into account. For example:

  • Browsing history
  • Time spent on the site
  • Clicks on links
  • The time or frequency of site interactions?

This provides greater targeted advertising calls. You can group visitors and interact with them. For example, by contacting people who have visited the site for a month.

The effectiveness of such advertising depends on many factors, ranging from the quality of the advertisement to the convenience of the site and its domain names.

When creating campaigns, you must remember that you need to draw attention to yourself and create the right impression. A typo ad may not put your company on the best side, but a domain that does not respond to activities is confusing. Therefore, it is important before publishing any text calls to check them using special tools, for example:

This will help to avoid mistakes and create a positive image. And when choosing a site name, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the target audience and business activities.

To check the convenience of the site, gather a group of several users and open access to use for several days. Ask them to share their experiences. So you can understand what changes may be required.

How to manage a multi-channel campaign

The use of several communication channels with target audiences significantly increases the effectiveness of marketing activities. However, complicating their control. However, this is a doable task if the process is properly organized.

  1. Select the appropriate channels: The information obtained during the study of customers will help here. Based on it, one can determine the behaviour and preferences of target audiences by adapting channels for communication for them.
  2. Set goals for channels: It is important that different sites perform different tasks. Some increase product awareness, others stimulate sales. Designate goals according to the capabilities of each channel. It is important not to forget to coordinate the goals among themselves. For example, email newsletters increase product awareness and company loyalty. And the link placed in the letter stimulates the purchase.
  3. Multi-platform advertising: Resources collect and allow you to get a lot of data about users and their behaviour. However, one point is missed – channel transitions. Make sure that separate content is created for each device (e.g. iPhone and iPad).
  4. Seek help from specialists: Wanting to save is normal. As well as not knowing something. The main thing is to look at the situation objectively and seek help when it is needed. If the company’s budget is not designed for new employees, then invite consultants. Their services will be cheaper. At the same time, you will receive professional help and guidance on the proper use of appropriate tools. Including, regarding the definition of goals for communication channels with customers, setting up their interaction and tracking conversions.
  5. Teamwork: The use of different channels involves the participation of SMM and SEO specialists, content managers, designers, etc. Make sure that they interact with each other. Each specialist sees the situation, on the other hand. Plus, the lack of communication can lead to duplication of content or work in general.

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How does the use of technology increase sales?

Technology makes life easier. And this applies not only to domestic issues but also to doing business. Using software, you can dramatically increase the efficiency of employees’ working hours and the number of processed applications. The main thing is to know which tools to use.

  1. Cloud storage: It is recommended to store data on them. This solution ensures the availability of information and also eliminates risks. In particular, such as data loss or espionage. Access to information can be provided as necessary.
  2. Email Automation: The tool greatly simplifies the work with electronic marketing and can improve results. You can set up a newsletter and even subsequent actions. It is enough to develop a strategy, create a design and write texts, and then the service will do everything for you. Built-in analytics makes it possible to track user actions and optimize newsletters.
  3. CRM: This is what every business need, that is actively involved in sales needs. According to the study, the average return on investment spent on CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent. The system allows you to store data about customers, their interactions with business and purchases. It can also be used to control employees, view correspondence and listen to conversations with customers. This allows you to improve the results of the department, establish good relationships with customers and increase sales.


Modern technologies open up unlimited opportunities for business development. Integrated use of channels helps maintain user attention and interest. Choose a bunch of sources that take into account the features and objectives of your business, constantly monitor the results, put forward hypotheses and test them and the effectiveness of advertising channels will amaze you.

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Haley Osborne

Haley Osborne
Haley Osborne is an active freelance writer. She is interested in management, web design and writing, and regularly touches on the topics of self-development and modern trends. Her goal is to provide quality and inspiring content.

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