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Introducing Listing & Review Management from Adzooma

October 19, 2021
written by Adzooma
New Feature, Image of reviews and listings

With the introduction of our two new features, Listings and Reviews, growing your online presence is even easier.

In today’s highly competitive market, it’s no longer a luxury for small businesses to have an online presence, it’s a requirement. This requirement holds true for businesses trading online as well as brick and mortars. Having a substantial online presence can not only increase customer awareness, but it can also work to strengthen your brand by building up your credibility with consumers. 

  • 97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else.
  • 76% of local searches result in a visit within 24 hours.
  • 64% of consumers have used Google My Business to find contact details for a local business.

Helping to support our users grow their online visibility and drive revenue through online advertising is our main focus here at Adzooma. That’s why we are excited to announce the rollout of two new features within the Adzooma platform. Listings and Review Management 


‘Listings’ is a new feature that allows you to quickly and easily update, publish and manage your business information across 50+ online platforms such as Google, Uber, Facebook, and more. Watch this demo to see how easy Listings is to setup:

This new feature scans these online platforms and identifies if your business information is correct, missing, or incomplete.  Once Listings has identified any inaccurate or missing information, you can simply update and publish the correct information about your business with a click of a button across all of these platforms.

Image one shows how a listing feature would look on Google.

Image two shows where you would see the reviews on Google for your business.

Listings will continuously and automatically push your business information to all platforms, every month, to ensure that your business information is seen as verified and current, which helps with organic search rankings. 

By managing all of your online listings in one place, you’ll not only save valuable time, but you’ll also ensure that your business information is constantly kept up to date. Whether it’s changing your opening hours, address, adding new photos, or delivery options, our new Listings feature allows you to update your business information quickly and easily, all directly within the Adzooma platform.

Get better business results with Listings from Adzooma:

Higher organic search rankings: Updated and published details will help in verifying your location and will automatically rank your business higher within search queries.

Greater visibility for your business online: A higher ranking will increase visibility, clicks, and traffic, both online and through the door. Listings will also empower you with insights to know where your visitors are coming from.

More revenue opportunities: Complete and consistent information across the digital ecosystem will automatically lead to more calls, website traffic, and in-store footfall.

To start using Listings today: 
1. Login or create an Adzooma account
2. Within the main Navigation, select ‘Visibility
3. Click on ‘Listings’ to get started 

Listings from Adzooma is an advanced feature within our Plus package. Read more about the benefits and features included in Adzooma Plus here. 


Our new Reviews feature within Adzooma gives you the ability to collect and manage new customer reviews across multiple platforms, all in one place. You can view all of your business reviews in one easy-to-use dashboard, removing the need to log in to multiple platforms. You can also respond, compare and monitor reviews across multiple platforms including Google, Facebook, and Tripadvisor, all in one platform.

More reviews mean more customer confidence. Use our intuitive interface to request customer reviews via text, email, or QR code and you’ll quickly be on your way to new 5-star reviews. You can even connect your CRM or POS to automatically request reviews from all your customers. Getting new reviews has never been easier.

Gain more customers with Reviews from Adzooma:

Build your business’s trustworthiness: Reviews help you build trust and credibility. If customers are leaving top reviews, others will have more confidence in purchasing from your business.  

Gain Valuable Market Research: Reviews are a great way to gather insight into how your customers are perceiving your business, good or bad. It’s an opportunity to enhance your service offering or bolster up your customer support. 

Increase your revenue: Reviews provide a great source of social proof which can drive revenue as consumers are more likely to make a purchase if others around us – even total strangers – also believe it’s a good decision. 

To start using Reviews today: 
1. Login or create an Adzooma account
2. Within the main Navigation, select ‘Visibility
3. Click on ‘Reviews’ to get started 

Reviews from Adzooma is an advanced feature within our Plus package. Read more about the benefits and features included in Adzooma Plus here. 

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