Accountancy Businesses: How do you make yourself known?

In this post I’m going to explain a few simple online marketing techniques you can use, to begin building your web presence.

Written by Phil 4 January 2018

The success of your business depends on how well you market yourself, as you need to attract a constant stream of new clients to grow.

Marketing has changed massively over the last decade and now the internet, when used correctly, is the number one choice to bring you all the new clients you need.

Even if your accountancy business only serves local clients. 

In this post, I’m going to explain a few simple online marketing techniques you can use to begin building your web presence. 

Then I’ll be revealing the fastest way to attract laser-targeted local visitors to your site, within hours of placing your ads. Not just worthless clicks, but real people looking for exactly what you’re offering.

The building blocks of making yourself known online

A social media presence is now a must for any business and it’s very easy to set up.

Firstly, you need to create your social media accounts. Don’t go crazy, just join the main sites and work on the others as you go along.

Start with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn as they are the most suitable for marketing. Remember, these will be accounts specifically for your business, not your personal accounts.

You can follow those up with Google, Bing Places, Yell and Yahoo accounts.

It’s better to take your time and ensure you manage each one properly, by adding interesting, useful or funny content, along with your offers, packages and discounts etc mixed in.

As your location will be on your social media pages, only targeted, interested people will click through and engage with you. In fact, social media is great for pre-qualifying your leads.

Make sure you have a look through other accounts for the same type of business as yours, to get content ideas and inspire you.

The goal is to draw people into your pages and inform, entertain and engage them. Then they will be exposed to your offers or service and are more likely to become clients.

Social media marketing can be a great asset but can take time to build up steam, but don’t worry as there’s a much faster way to effectively advertise online.

The fastest way to attract targeted visitors to your website

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising has revolutionised the power and efficiency of advertising online.

With Google Adwords leading the way, PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising enables you to attract highly targeted leads, sometimes for just pennies each and have your first visitors arriving within hours.

What many people fail to realise is that when you advertise online using PPC, you can choose, with amazing accuracy, exactly who will see your ad.

You can select from a ton of demographic choices, including geographical targeting, which means targeting right down to the actual city or town where your business operates.

Your ads only show when someone searches for your keywords in Google.

You decide on your keywords when you run your ad, so you’ll be choosing the ones that are directly relevant to your business, such as VAT Returns in Leeds, Bookkeeping in Leeds, Corporate Tax in Leeds, Payroll in Leeds, etc. 

If those were your ad keywords and someone typed one of them into Google, it will trigger your ad to be shown.

Then your ad will obviously show your offer details, enticing them to click through to your website, email you, or phone your business.

What could be more targeted than that?

So, PPC offers effective lead targeting and low acquisition costs, along with improving your conversions, as visitors this targeted are much easier to turn into clients.

PPC ad tips

Keep in mind, what you put in your ad is very important. It makes the difference between a potential client clicking through or not.

  • Your ad doesn’t give you much space to really sell, so don’t try and squeeze everything in there. You do the main selling on your website, so the idea is to pique their interest enough in the ad, to get them to click through for more info.
  • Always try and get one of your main keywords in the headline of your ad. It’s what they typed in, so it’s going to attract their eye.
  • Mention your USP or a key benefit. Offer? Discount? Special Pro package? Lure them in.
  • ALWAYS add a 'Call To Action', ‘Click now’, ‘Grab the offer’, ‘Click for details’, etc.
  • Make sure you use the same keyword in your ad and on the landing page you are sending people to. It helps to keep them focused and they are less likely to click away if they immediately see what they came for.

This may sound a bit daunting at first, but it is worth it. A little practice and you’ll begin to see the power of PPC on your business.

Maybe you don’t have the time?

It’s understandable that as a busy business owner, you may not feel you have the time to learn the finer points of PPC, even though it’s the fastest and most cost-effective way to grow your business.

If that’s the case, you should take a closer look at Adzooma, as its designed especially to help busy people like you succeed with PPC.

It’s an online platform with a very simple interface that will help you to drastically cut down the amount of time you spend setting up and running PPC ads. It takes you through the process step by simple step, beginning with a few questions to ensure your ads are set up correctly.

It makes the process of placing your ads really simple and continues to analyse your data, providing “opportunities”, which are suggestions to maximize your ads or tweak your settings to increase the effectiveness of your ads. 

If you’re ready to begin advertising online with PPC, but don’t want the stress of a steep learning curve, check out the Adzooma website for more info.

Or give our friendly, helpful team a call to discover how Adzooma can help you attract all the new clients you need.