Adzooma’s Top 6 Social Media Marketing Tools

With more social media sites than ever before, it can all get a little confusing and hectic trying to manage and update all your business profiles. Here are a few really useful tools to help you keep up with them all.

Social Media marketing is one of the main ways to attract, engage and communicate with your current and potential clients or customers.

There are now more social media sites than ever before, with new ones springing up on what seems to be a monthly basis. It can all get a little confusing and hectic trying to keep up with them all!

The good news is, you don’t have to.

Stick with the main brands first, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and, if your products are very visual, you should add Instagram and Pinterest too.

Master these first as they can bring thousands of people to your profiles where you can engage and guide them to your products or services. It can take a while to gather steam, but once it does, there’ll be no stopping it.

After you’ve got your main profiles up, running and automated, you can spend a little time exploring new platforms to see if they work for you.

However, for most businesses, focusing on a few and getting it right is far more powerful than spreading yourself too thinly over dozens of social media platforms.

In this post, I’m going to introduce to you our favourite six free (or low-cost) tools to help organise and partly automate your social media presence.

These social media tools will save you a great deal of time and allow you to plan your content calmly in advance.

Here are our six favourite low-cost social media tools to distress your posting:

1: Buffer

With Buffer, you can queue your future content and stagger your posting times throughout the day. 

This means you can pre-organise your postings and keep your social media schedule consistent over weeks at a time, without having to spend time every day loading up your content.

It works with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+, with the free version allowing you to add one account for each social network and schedule 10 updates per account.

The paid version, at $10 a month allows 10 accounts with unlimited updates, and the high end $99 version gives you unlimited accounts, team logins and advanced analytics.

The Bufferapp also provides useful analytics regarding the engagement and reach of your posts, along with:

  • The ability to identify your highest-performing posts, which is really useful to help you plan similar posts in future.
  • With the integrated “Pablo” platform you can create visuals to use in your social content. This is powerful simply because Tweets using images receive 150% more retweets than non-image posts.

If you’re unfamiliar with social media tools, Buffer  Buffer is a simple and great way to get started.

Click here to go to Buffer

2: Hootsuite

Another very well established tool, for your social media scheduling and monitoring. 

Hootsuite is extremely popular for managing social media, tracking conversations, and measuring campaign results via the web or mobile devices.

There are free, pro, and enterprise solutions for managing unlimited social profiles, advanced analytics, and message scheduling, along with Google Analytics and Facebook insights integration.

You can use HootSuite with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Google+ and there’s a free 30-day trial when you sign up. The free version allows 3 social profiles, but you can upgrade to 10 social profile for £16 a month.

The great thing about Hootsuite is its popularity, because that means there’s a ton of info on how to make the most of it online.

Click here to go to Hootsuite

3: Tweetdeck

A really simple and still free Twitter monitoring dashboard with some great but basic scheduling functions, to queue tweets across multiple accounts.

If you’re looking for a Twitter-specific tool, for monitoring hashtags and lists, Tweetdeck is perfect for you. It’s great for customer service and monitoring sentiment, along with keeping up with industry news. 

Tweetdeck was purchased by Twitter and is available for Chrome browsers, as well as Windows and Mac desktops. It has a comprehensive Twitter dashboard and you can see your live feed, along with notifications, mentions and other activity all in one place.

It has a simple to use layout and it’s very easy to use for managing multiple accounts and scheduling updates. It’s perfect if you’re a beginner.

Click here to go to Tweetdeck

4: Sprout Social

Sprout Social offers a great solution, suitable for small businesses and massive brands alike.

It’s an all-in-one social media scheduling platform, with an easy-to-use interface and powerful features.

Sprout offers multi-network social scheduling and posting, and user-level permissions giving specific access to everyone involved in your accounts, making it great for collaboration among marketing teams.

The social media analytics and trend reports help to analyze everything from hashtags to your top-performing posts, making Sprout Social a very interesting tool and well worth a closer look.

Click here to go to Sprout Social

5: Feedly

When it comes to content creation, you can either write all your own or use curation to post other people’s content and share it with your readers.

However, even sharing other people’s content can take up a ton of your time, as you have to find it all first, but without fresh content your website will struggle to survive.

Feedly automatically finds content suitable for your social media profiles. 

It makes it easy to follow your favourite publications, blogs, YouTube channels and organise content into collections, easily share all content on social media, discover new content based on your business and collaborate with coworkers on content curation with Team version.

Click here to go to Feedly

6: Social Pilot

This is more for agencies or for those running many different social media accounts, as it allows you to manage multiple client or company social media profiles at once. 

You can bulk schedule posts into queues, collaborate easily with all of your team members, perform client management, utilise browser extensions and a ton of other stuff.

The free plan on Social Pilot allows up to 3 connected profiles, with 10 posts per day, and 30 posts per queue. If you need more, try a 14-day free trial of their more advanced plans from $10 to $100 per month.

Click here to go to Social Pilot

Bonus Tool: Brand24

An image of brand 24

If you’re looking to keep an eye on how people are reacting to your brand, Brand24 is the social platform for you. 

Brand24 gives you real-time updates and alerts whenever someone mentions your brand or product. Its features allow you to track discussions and sentiments. Whatever is going on, you’ll have the tools to get in front of any issues before they become problems and the data to maximise your success. 

What’s more, it also gives you influence scores for every mention. That means you can get a more in-depth picture of how much each mention is likely to influence other users and be able to pinpoint exactly who you should be working with. 

You can try all of it for free in their 14-day trial. 

Click here to go to Brand24


Social Media seems here to stay so you need to embrace it right now.

It can be time-consuming trying to keep up with it, but to be honest, every business needs a social media presence in this day and age.

These tools will take most of the weight once you’re set up, so the faster you get started trying a few of them, the faster you’ll begin to automate your social media marketing.

Try one at a time and see what works for you, then you can continue trying other tools as you move forward.

Phil Coleman
As a Copywriter with 25 years experience I have written squillions of words, writing for all sizes of business, both online and off including The Chamber of Commerce, the NHS and of course Adzooma. I'm a not so secret UFC fan, I live in the heart of Sherwood Forest and I have 2 pet cats called Copy and Spooky Dave.