September's News & Stats Roundup of the Digital Marketing Industry

September has been a revealing month in the digital marketing, from Instagram posting some fascinating stats about their userbase, to mobile users continuing to considerably outnumber users on PC's

Written by Tom 2 October 2017

Adults using mobile internet twice as much as desktop

Smartphones are now being used to browse the internet nearly twice as much as desktop, stats from Verto Analytics show, presenting further evidence that having a mobile-friendly website is not just vital, but essential.

Verto tracked 5,000 UK adults used who went online and found that traditional PCs accounted for only 27% of the market share, tablets 16%, and smartphones a whopping 57% of people. Smartphone usage was highest during the morning accounting for 63% of the people online between 8 am to 11 am while desktop saw its largest audience share of 38% between the hours of 1 am and 3 am. 

Live Streaming on the rise

The world of live streaming has increased again year on year with 28% of internet users having watched a live stream on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram up from 20% in 2016.

According to GlobalWebIndex, the most engaged people watching live streams in the world are in the Middle East, closely followed by Asia & The Pacific, and then Latin America.

Twitter to double character limit to 280 characters

Twitter has finally taken the plunge to allow their users to use up to 280 characters per tweet, doubling the character limit from the standard 140 which has been a hallmark of Twitter's existence.

The move is designed for new users and advertisers to prevent cramping, and giving users the ability to express themselves fully. There is also the issue that some languages have longer sentences and longer words which can be a cause of frustration. 

23% of digital marketers don’t track marketing spend

A lot of marketers out there are feeling like they're money's being dropped into a bottomless pit. Nearly a quarter of the digital marketers who responded to the Greenlight survey are failing to track campaign spending whatsoever, and have no idea where the spend is actually going. Furthermore, one in ten marketers are not sure which channels are the most valuable for their campaigns.

The data from Greenlight also shows that 36% of the survey respondents aren't confident in their digital marketing campaigns, while 18% don’t think their campaigns are reaching the right audience. For those marketers who are spending their time tracking their campaigns correctly, it gives them a huge chance to get ahead of the pack.

Just 17% of new leads are converted into sales

Only 17% of new leads being converted into revenue as a result, according to a new study by Dun & Bradstreet revealing a huge disconnect between sales and marketing teams. 

24% of salespeople say they don’t have enough time to research potential customers, and 35% say they are under more pressure to provide value in a digitally-led business. Furthermore, 57% of marketers say that understanding their target audience is a big challenge, and 56% say that an inability to find relevant and complete data holds them back.

45% of millennials happy to hear from brands on social media

When it comes to hearing from a company for the first time, 45% of millennials prefer to find out about new businesses through social media than through any other method. The data, researched by Bambu, also shows that 35% of millennials are also more likely to buy from a company who share helpful content and industry news.

Old traditional selling methods like cold-calling are very much down the list, with only 9% of consumers saying that the phone is their preferred way to hear from a company for the first time.

In just 4 months Instagram users rise by 100 million

Instagram's growth this year has been astounding, and in particular, the last four months where they have expanded their user base by over 10% taking their overall usage to 800 million users a month.

Ads shown on the platform have doubled along to accommodate marketers more throughout the year, but that hasn't stopped people joining the network. Instagram's user base is likely to hit a billion by early 2018, and with more and more features being created for the social platform, Instagram is the one to watch right now.