Were You At The MTEX Conference? If Not, Here’s What You Missed

As we mentioned in our previous MTEX post, the MTEX Conference in London was your chance to meet the Adzooma team face to face and let our experts help you solve your online advertising problems. Were you there?

Written by Phil 26 March 2018

If you missed MTex this year, you really missed out on an amazingly useful event, including a ton of expert info designed to quickly improve your online marketing results, along with networking opportunities galore!

Hosted at the London ExCeL, MTEX was part of a huge exhibition including the B2B Marketing Expo, B2C Marketing and Advertising Expo, Sales Innovation Expo and Call & Contact Centre Expo. 

It was obviously an extremely popular event, with over 15,000 visitors across the two days.

Unsurprising when you consider that the expo featured over 200 valuable masterclasses and 500 expert seminars.

The Adzooma stand was busy across the two-day event, with hundreds of attendees, with thousands more joining in on social media. 

Adzooma was proudly featured as a Google AdTech Partner at the main keynote delivered by Google's Head of B2B, Raja Saggi.

Google Talk At MTex

There was plenty of added fun and excitement thanks to our "60 Second Challenge" game, where attendees were challenged to create an advert as quickly as possible.

This was a great way to let people experience the speed and power of Adzooma first hand.

The Stars Of The Show

On Thursday Adzooma's Bernadette Kelly hosted a seminar called "Online Lead Generation: What's Really Working in 2018".

Here’s a copy of Bernadette’s brilliant presentation: Here are the slides for the presentation, in case you missed this essential event:

The seminar was also broadcast live on Twitter and is available to replay. 

Bernadette was joined by Digantika Mitra, Strategic Partner Manager at Google, who gave the audience an insight into what Google sees as being the most important strategies for 2018 and beyond.

Packed with expert, instantly usable info, this is essential viewing as it can help you stay ahead of the online marketing curve.

£10k Digital Boost competition

As part of the conference, we also offered a £10k Digital Boost competition consisting of £5k website build plus £5k in advertising.

If you missed out at the conference, click here to go to the competition page, as it’s still open until 31st March! 

Enter right now for a chance to win:

  • A FREE website design and development package (worth up to £5,000)
  • PLUS a £5,000 FREE Adzooma credit to advertise your business on Google

This is really exciting because an expertly designed website and £5000 worth of super effective Adzooma marketing could grow your business faster than anything else.

Keep your eyes peeled for future events

There will be more valuable conferences in the future, so keep your eyes peeled and you won't miss out.

If you missed this, now is the time to make a promise to yourself not to miss the next one and do your best to attend as many as possible.

These conferences are worth their weight in gold, as they're packed with incredibly insightful, expert info, capable of moving your online business forward faster than you thought possible. And then, of course, you have the endless networking opportunities at events such as MTEX.

See you there next time!