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Product Update: Multiple Google Ads Accounts? No Problem!

January 25, 2019
written by John Severn

You can now add multiple Google Ads accounts. Learn about the Adzooma Early Access Programme too.


  • Add multiple Google Ads accounts to your Adzooma account.
  • 3 brand new Opportunities, including: Spelling mistakes, call extensions, location of interest targeting, and negative keywords.
  • We’re also running an Early Access Programme to test new features and help grow the product.

Since launch, one of the most requested features from our customers has been support for multiple Google Ads accounts.

Well, we listened. And we’re now ready to show you the results.

Welcome to our first product update of the year. We’ll cover:

  • Adding multiple Google Ads accounts to Adzooma Pro
  • The new opportunities we’ve added to the software
  • The Adzooma Early Access Programme

Same Great Software – Performing At Scale

If you have multiple Google Ads accounts, you can now connect each of them to your Adzooma Pro account.

This allows you to access reports, opportunities and automation across all of your accounts in just a few clicks.

Whether you’re an agency or business looking to manage many accounts at scale, or you’re running PPC campaigns as a freelancer, you’ll love what this brings to the table.

How To Setup

Setup is quick and easy because Adzooma Pro automatically detects your additional accounts. Add the ones you want to include right from the dashboard.

Switching accounts is just as easy. You can do it from the top right of your dashboard. Move quickly between your top five accounts or search by name or account number.

The Numbers

In fact, this new feature is so simple it might look like it was a walk in the park for us. But in the space of just three weeks, our team:

  • Changed over 24,000 lines of code
  • Migrated 119,000 optimisation suggestions to a new database
  • Migrated 17.5 million report stats to a new database

It took plenty of tea and typing, we can tell you. But we’re extremely pleased to make Adzooma Pro available to a wider range of users. People with a single Google Ads account to agencies with hundreds of clients are catered for.

Opportunity Engine Updates

The image shows how the opportunities now check your ads to make sure spelling and grammar is correct for you.

Here’s the new stuff we have just added to the Engine:

Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes

If there’s a mistake in the headline or description of an ad, the tool will identify it and suggest a fixed advert.

Call Extension Features Phone Number Recognition

If your website or landing page has a telephone number, this opportunity will recommend adding that telephone number to your advert as a Call Extension.

Location of Interest Targeting

Google Ads can show your adverts to people searching in or showing interest in the campaign’s chosen locations.

Our tool digs into the data and finds out which setup works for your campaign. If there’s a problem, you are notified and can take action.

Negative and Conflicting Keywords

There are a host of new opportunities concerning negative and conflicting keywords. For example, you can now use shared Negative Keyword sets across your campaigns.

The image shows how you can arrange your keywords and how they fall into different categories

What’s next?

There’s no rest for the wicked (or developers). Keep an eye out for more updates to the software.

We’re working on single keyword ad groups, landing page speed and experience and much more when it comes to opportunities.

A new UI option for opportunities is also on the cards and we look forward to telling you about it.

The Adzooma Early Access Programme

While you’re here, we’re on the hunt for an exclusive group of users to help provide feedback on new features and further develop our product.

Most PPC management tools are developed and then pushed out to users. This is a chance for you to tell us what you want and get it added to a tool you’ll love.

Signing up nets you:

  • Early access to new features and tools before they become generally available.
  • Direct access to the product team to provide feedback and ask questions.
  • Exclusive access to extended trials and discounts.

Access is by invitation only, but if you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you.

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John Severn

I studied law and taught English to rowdy secondary school kids. Having produced content for companies big and small, I’ve found a brilliant home with Adzooma. When away from the writer’s desk, I can be found gaming, having a quiet pint or catching up with the baseball or ice hockey. If we meet, don’t ask me about books, music or film: I’ll bore you to tears.

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Jonny C.

“Having used other tools previously (Wordstream & Optmyzr) I can say that Adzooma is far better value and actually helps you to deliver so much more for your accounts.”

Tatsat S.

“Amazing tool, the functionalities are excellent and it saves lots of time in maintaining multiple ad accounts. Looking forward to making this my go-to ad management tool.”

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