See How A Fledgling Company Grew 3000% In The First Year As A Google Partner

We’re honoured Google has chosen us to showcase the impressive story and growth behind Adzooma. Read on to find out more and find out how it was all possible in our brand new Google Partner video…


Adzooma is an out and out success story. Fact.

In just 2 short years we have taken a simple idea and turned it into a hugely successful global business. 

In the past 12 months, we’ve optimised £55 million in advertising spend, saved over 12 years in time and achieved 6 million conversions for our customers.

We also picked up Google Partner status along the way.

Kartik Taneja, EMEA Channel Sales Director for Google, said: “As a Google Partner for the last two years, Adzooma has shown tremendous hunger and commitment to help small businesses grow.

“In fact, the team has worked closely with us to showcase how technology can be leveraged to make digital advertising simple, efficient and reliable for small businesses.”

Because of our remarkable growth, Google has chosen us to feature in their brand new Google Partnership case study video, which is now live and ready for you to watch. 

In this video, you’ll meet a few of the Adzooma team and peek inside our super creative Nottingham city centre offices. But more importantly, you’ll hear about our unprecedented growth and how it we’ve managed to achieve it all under Google’s partnership mentoring. 

Since partnering with Google in July 2018, Adzooma has seen results far greater than what we imagined. The business has grown in the first year by over 3,000% and maintained consistent three-digit quarter-on-quarter growth.

A photo of the team throughout the day.

We have gone from 12 employees to over 70, and one small office in Nottingham to offices across London and Manchester.

And, it all started with a ‘chance’ meeting with Google.

Adzooma was launched in January 2017 as a performance marketing tracking platform. Starting small and working our way up, we added new features as we went along and decided it’d be extremely helpful to other businesses.

Of course, we tried to get as much exposure as we could, by offering demos of Adzooma at industry conferences across different cities.

As it happens, Google Partner Manager Sal Mohammed bumped into us at an ad:tech conference in London, and was impressed by the technology and the people behind Adzooma.

That conference landed us with our first meeting with Google and an invitation to join the Google accelerator program in October 2017.

With their help, we soon became one of the best advertising technology platforms in the industry, helping thousands of businesses succeed online.

That’s not all. Knowing how much of a roaring success that Adzooma would be, Sal has gone on to join our team as our very own Head of Partnerships. 

Then, having worked with the Google Partner team for 12 months, we graduated as a full Google Partner in July 2018 and continued to expand at a phenomenal rate.

Regarding the new video, Director and co-founder Robert Wass said: “We’re honoured to have been given the opportunity to create a Google Partnership case study video. Working with Google over the past year has really allowed us to really enhance the technology behind Adzooma. 

“The video only really scratches the surface of our relationship with Google. The support we’ve received from their team has been invaluable, and has propelled us towards becoming a market leader in advertising technology.”

You can watch this fascinating video for yourself here.

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