Product Update: Simpler Account Management Is Here

There are plenty of new additions to the Adzooma platform to help you better manage all your accounts in one place


Easy to add new accounts, easy to remove accounts

Good news, it’s now easier to deactivate accounts within the Adzooma platform. In fact, it takes just a few clicks.

Simply hit the … button next to any account you want to remove, and then select “deactivate”.

That’s it. You’re done.

Add or remove clients as you require. Or, if you’re just testing the waters on our free Adzooma trial, add an account to see what you think and remove it if you need to. No bother, no fuss, no hassle – like everything else Adzooma.

An Account page that works your way

Up second, you can now modify your columns and add filters on the Account page.

This makes managing multiple accounts even easier. Get the top level data you need to make switching between accounts a simple decision. Or pinpoint the accounts you want to check with the filter function.

Nice and easy.

John Severn
I studied law and taught English to rowdy secondary school kids. Having produced content for companies big and small, I’ve found a brilliant home with Adzooma. When away from the writer’s desk, I can be found gaming, having a quiet pint or catching up with the baseball or ice hockey. If we meet, don’t ask me about books, music or film: I’ll bore you to tears.