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The Importance of Using Video to Improve Engagement and Conversion Rates

April 20, 2023
Daisy Lewis
written by Daisy Lewis
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Many forms of content benefit websites, with video being one of the most effective choices. Discover how video improves engagement and conversions here.

Websites use many forms of content to present themselves in the best way possible. Content mediums such as text and images are classics used by every web presence, but it’s only in the past decade that businesses have discovered the beneficial effects of videos for websites. Read on to discover how videos will help your business improve its web presence. 

Benefits of Video 

To truly understand the benefits of video for websites, you need to be aware of what content search engines prioritise. For example, search engines like Google focus on promoting user-friendly website content, which is enhanced when they can present your content in multiple formats on their various search tabs. This way, text, images, and video become multiple tools for your content marketing strategy to promote your brand successfully. 

Businesses’ use of videos online steadily increases each year through user-generated content creators and planned business marketing videos. It is estimated that 92.6% of users consume video content weekly through various platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. 

Video Marketing Options

When creating video content, you need to plan its goal. Videos can be employed to share vital information about any area of your business, such as details related to products or services, how-to guides and even customer feedback. You can also consider the tone, length and quality to compose content that converts

For example, a video uploaded to your website can afford to be longer and more in-depth with the specifics of the content as you have the time to share enticing details, including a helpful CTA for your viewer. On the other hand, videos shared on social media should be concise and direct to grab users’ attention before they scroll further down their feeds. Social media platforms generally offer video uploading options, but sharing the content from a dedicated video hosting site like YouTube will be more efficient.  

What Effect Do Videos Have On Websites?

You can use videos for your website in many ways, but using them to present engaging and informative content for your visitors will support your website in many ways. Here are some of the most notable benefits of using videos in your web presence.

Video Sharing to a Wider Audience

An embedded video on one of your website’s web pages will create a highly shareable piece of content that visitors can link to their friends and help you spread your message. This is often achieved by uploading the video content to a video-sharing website such as YouTube and linking it to your webpage. This significantly reduces your website’s impact and ensures your loading speeds are low whilst providing an easy means of letting you or visiting users share the content on social media. Google also will index this video from your page but also from the third party where you uploaded it, providing twice the indexing for one piece of content. 

Video Audiences Remain Longer

The time users remain on pages shows search engines the quality of your content; if someone spends little time on your page, it will be seen as poor quality. High-quality videos help users spend longer on a web page as they watch the video you’ve embedded. So,the length of time a user spends on specific pages of your website will affect your SEO optimisation and the number of visitors you’ll have later. 

B2B Videos Are Highly Effective

We are used to seeing videos for B2C products on TV and online stores, but they are also highly effective for any B2B business you have. Online product sales are easier than selling services. Compared to text, the video format allows you to share more information about a service and your experience in this field in a concise and easy-to-understand manner. A video can be a powerful tool for gaining trust in this manner as it can present the realities of the B2B services your company delivers and create an initial connection between you and your potential business partner. 

Improved Conversions and Engagement With Videos

From a technical standpoint, your pages will improve your SEO, widen your audience and promote engagement due to search engines promoting websites with multi-media content such as videos. Additionally, increased organic traffic will begin to flow to the pages with the embedded videos thanks to the search engines, but also as visitors share them on social media platforms. 

From a user standpoint, creating engaging, attractive videos will grab your visitor’s attention and make them interested in your brand over your competitors. Once this initial interest has been achieved, the informative details of your content will help build trust and credibility with your viewer and help persuade them to convert into paying customers. 

If you have any questions about using video to promote your business, consider reading our blog about setting up a YouTube Ads campaign to further promote your brand. Alternatively, contact us to discover how we can help you get started.

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