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How To Evaluate The Right Digital Marketing Channel For Your Business

August 30, 2021
written by Tom Mortimer
Content Manager

With so many different digital marketing channels to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Google, Snapchat, Facebook, Microsoft Bing, Influencers, Email, Media Buys – it can all be a little bit overwhelming when starting out.

So that’s why, as part of our SMB Marketing 101 series, we’ve put this flow chart infographic together.

It’ll take you through a number of questions specific to your business, and at the end you’ll reach the destination of the right digital marketing channel suited for you. All you have to do is just answer yes or no.

You’ll also almost always end up with two or three channels to choose from – that’s because there’s rarely one size fits all, while it’s also never a good idea to concentrate on only one channel.

Then for more information on why each channel’s best for you, have a read below the infographic.

(Click to enlarge)

Answer 1: Sponsored Articles, Media Buys

This is a great way of getting your brand in front of the right people. Sponsored articles allow you to broadcast your views to thousands of targeted readers on major publications, adding respectability and credibility to your business and/or profile.

If you’re a digital agency you could publish a thought leadership piece about the changing marketing landscape on AdWeek. If you’re a food supplement business you could do a piece for The Mirror about the importance of magnesium in a healthy diet. The options are endless. 

Answer 2: Podcasts, YouTube

Audio and video have really cemented themselves as the best way to digest information on the internet in recent years, and if you’ve got something to say that you think will resonate with your audience, then look no further than Podcasting and Youtube.

Thousands of businesses are reaping the rewards of both channels. Find your niche and find your voice, then let the thought leader in you come out across the airwaves.

Answer 3: Influencer marketing   

Influencer marketing is all about social persuasion. If you’re looking to build out your brand in the fashion industry for example, getting a social media influencer to start wearing your clothing in their Instagram stories is a great way of doing it. 

Influencer marketing is an age-old tactic that has been successful for decades, maybe centuries. But now with social media, its popularity has exploded and that means it’s now a legitimate possibility for any digital marketer.

Answer 4: SEO

SEO isn’t a quick fix, but for long term, sustainable results, there is nothing better. Getting a solid SEO strategy in place can put you in the eyeline of every search term that relates to your business. And you never have to pay for a click.

Say you sell backpacking holidays, if you get on the first page of Google for “backpacking Thailand”, you could get thousands of clicks to your website every month for zero cost at all. You’ll need to put the hard work in to get there, but the results are enormous. Here’s a great free ebook that’ll get you started on the right foot.

Answer 5: Local Service Ads, Facebook Ads, Google My Business

For those offering a service like plumbing or decorating then Local Service Ads, a form of Google Ads, are the perfect solution to connect you with customers in your area. 

If you’re selling products or food/beverages, then Google My Business is a must to appear in searches such as “burger places near me”. For best results, supplement this with Facebook Ads to target customers in your area.

Answer 6: Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Influencer Marketing

Your ideal audience will be all over these apps, and with them being very visual platforms, you can easily wow them with eye-catching imagery and copy.

Influencers play great with these kinds of audiences too. If someone with thousands of active followers is using a certain type of skincare routine, you can guarantee others will want to follow suit.

Answer 7: Google, Microsoft and Facebook Ads

A very traditional form of digital marketing, these pay-per-click (PPC) channels are all super efficient for making sales through your website with an average of $8 being made for every $1 you spend.

Considering user intent, Facebook Ads will be better for smaller purchases, while Google and Microsoft will be more powerful for the higher end of the market.

Answer 8: Email marketing

Email marketing may be overlooked by many, but if you already have a client base in tow, there is nothing more powerful out there.

Email marketing allows you to talk directly to an audience that has already engaged with you, bought from you, or likes you, and this gives you such a huge leg up when it comes to selling them something.

Answer 9: Wix, Facebook, Google Ads

Whether you’re looking to build up a client base or get people to call you, you need to get a website on the go – it’ll make you look credible and make all your other digital marketing efforts so much easier.

Wix is a great place to start, it’s a simple drag and drop website building tool. Then from there, start running some Facebook or Google Ads to get people to your site.

Answer 10: Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify

Amazon, Etsy and eBay are huge marketplaces that are perfect if you don’t want to create your own website. All you need is your product, and in no time at all, you can start selling straight to thousands of eager consumers.

If you fancy getting a website set up, then there’s no better platform to use than Shopify. It’s a place you can start, run and grow your business all from the same place.

Looking for more?

If you’re in the mood for some more learning, check out the rest of our SMB Marketing 101 series.

We’ve spoken to over 100 SMB owners and employees about how they started in digital marketing and what they’ve learnt from their experiences.

We look at the research phase, setting your goals, developing your brand, setting your budgets, building your presence, mastering each digital marketing channel, and much more.

Here’s part one for you to start with.


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