The Sales-Power Of Video Testimonials

It's the video age and you need video testimonials right now. Here's why you should be taking this seriously and how to make it as simple as 1, 2, 3. Read on for more…

Although people are more comfortable buying online than ever before, it doesn’t mean we suddenly trust every site we visit. In truth, many of us still suffer the same insecurities buying online as we did years ago.

For instance, when you shop online how do you know:

  • If the business you are about to hand your money to is legit?
  • They’re honest, reliable and won’t let you down?
  • Their product or service is what they say it is?
  • You’ll be happy with your purchase?

You don’t. And neither does anyone else.

That’s why website trust builders such as testimonials and reviews are so important. The views of other people who have bought the same product or service from the same company can really help put our minds at ease.

We all want to remove as much of the risk from our purchases as possible and testimonials from other customers help with this.

Amazon and eBay are great examples of this in action. Their popularity has grown so rapidly because people feel safe shopping there, mainly due to the seller ratings.

Online businesses are far less anonymous than they used to be and it’s harder to get away with being an unscrupulous retailer. However, consumers still look for things to give them peace of mind when they use your website.

So ensuring your potential customers trust you is essential to your online success.

Worth Their Weight In Gold

Positive reviews carry a ton of weight for the average person online, as long as they are legitimate.

I think most of us have used Amazon’s reviews to help us choose between similar products, simply because it gives us much greater insight.

Be warned . . . don’t ‘invent’ your own reviews.

Two people creating a video testimonial

If you’re rumbled, the backlash could be devastating for your brand. However, there’s nothing wrong with asking your customers, especially your repeat customers, for genuine testimonials.

Try and encourage them to write a deep and meaningful review, not just a ‘they’re great’ one-liner. The more they can hit the objections that most potential customers will struggle with, the better.

Ask them to mention your friendly customer service, fast delivery times, instant money back guarantee and whatever else you have to offer that you can brag about.

You can even design something which they can fill in. This way you can ensure you get reviews which cover the most important points.

Design Your Own Template

Try designing a simple email questionnaire template for your customers. This way you can ensure you get reviews which cover the most important points.

Email your current customers and politely ask if they’d mind filling it in when they get a minute. You can also offer a discount on their next order in exchange for taking the time out of their busy schedule to help you.

Written reviews are fine but video reviews are even better. They are more real, personal and believable. They can also be harder to manage, but don’t worry, I have a solution for that in a moment.

Once you have reviews on your site, even a few, you should begin to see more sales. And the more reviews you gather as time goes on, the more it will positively affect your bottom line.

Just make sure you ask your customers permission to use their responses as a review.

Why happy customers are your best salespeople

If your current customers are happy, it’s much easier to convince your potential customers that they’ll be happy too.

Excellent reviews will always help you to get new customers. Whether they are written, recorded or video based they are always powerful.

However, as we are now firmly planted in the video age, video testimonials are your most powerful ally in this regard.

As you may have noticed from your own online browsing, video reviews are insanely popular right now and for good reason. They offer the perfect, easy-to-digest, believable reviews and they are usually more impressive than the written version.

However, they aren’t the easiest to capture uniformly, as film, sound and backdrop quality can all have an effect, either positive or negative.

It’s also difficult to persuade your customers to make the effort involved with videoing their review as it obviously takes more effort than writing a simple sentence or two.

The good news is, there’s a solution for all this. It makes the entire process of creating video reviews really easy for both you and your customers.

Have You Heard About VocalReferences?

VocalReferences offers a number of simple ways to capture testimonials from customers that are easy to use and look good on your site:

  • Add a testimonial button: This can be added to your website to allow your customers to leave a testimonial/review at their convenience.
  • Request a testimonial links feature: Allows you to email your customers using a pre-formatted link allowing them to give a testimonial directly from the email. You can then use the links in any form of communication like SMS, Whatsapp or web page.
  • VR Mobile App: Gives you the easiest way to capture a testimonial a face to face video at any time with your customers. (Available for Apple and Android)

Basically, it makes the entire video review gathering process a piece of cake.

Image of company website

How VocalReferences Can Boost Your Sales

There are many ways VR can boost your sales including their single social ratings display to highlight your rating and reviews from all your social media accounts.

Ratings are automatically updated so your latest results are front and centre.

But that’s not the only benefit:

  • Effective video testimonials made easy: This is the only product that makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3 to incorporate video into your testimonials
  • Stunning testimonial displays: You can upgrade your testimonials with stylish, popular layouts and personalize them to meet your every need
  • Capture more testimonials: Easily allow your customers to submit testimonials with buttons, links and mobile apps
  • Google will optimize your testimonials: Your testimonials are indexed to boost your search results and provide you with a unique Review SERP

Try It For Yourself

Close to 30,000 businesses already use VocalReferences and that figure is growing daily.

People are going to expect video testimonials and reviews more and more to help them decide between competing brands. This makes it easy to get it right the first time.

Unless you already have a cast-iron testimonial gathering plan in place, I highly suggest you check them out.

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