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Top 11 Branding Agencies of 2020

July 8, 2020
Will Haswell
written by Will Haswell
Digital Acquisition

Read our list of 11 of the best branding agencies including Wolff Olins, Collins, and Design Studio.

You might be wondering what a branding agency is, what it does, and if it’s any different to a marketing agency.

While we’ll get to those points shortly, it’s important to note that a branding agency has nuanced differences to broader marketing agencies. This list caters a lot to offline marketing as well as online marketing and their client lists include the likes of Airbnb, Deliveroo, Twitter, Google, and Mailchimp.

What does a branding agency do?

Branding agencies help brands establish, plan, and communicate their message, often through a variety of media. The brand of your organization could be defined as the style and identity that makes the organization recognizable. It incorporates everything from the name to the reputation, implied values, and the visuals and language used to communicate it. Agencies harness all of this and bring the most out of them.

Do you need a branding agency?

If you want to start building recognition, trust, and loyalty, then a branding agency can play a key role in the growth of your business going forward. A good brand can help your products stand out when customers are marking purchase decisions, it can mean that when they think of certain products and services, they think of you first, and it can improve the kind of loyalty and life-time value you can expect from customers. Your brand can strengthen your business, and a branding agency can help that happen.

1. Wolff Olins

Location: London, New York, San Francisco

Wolff Olins is one of the most famous branding agencies in the world, having worked with organizations such as Google, Uber, and Tesco. Their focuses lie with transformative branding allowing companies to adapt to modern design expectations, helping them remain leaders in their industry. Their focus on strategy and design and help establish, implement, and continuously update a brand approach from top to bottom, keeping it agile and flexible to the modern market.

2. Blue Marlin

Location: UK (London, Bath); US (New York); India (Mumbai)

A team focused on the expert use of modern mediums to create brand messaging strategies that are innovative, stylish, and able to reach the most people. Blue Marlin offers a wide range of strategies to help design and implement brand strategies from top to bottom, including communications and commercial plans, brand and packaging design, and using the latest technology like 3D design and 360 Brand Experience.

Clients include Viacom, Tsingtao, Vaseline, and Shell.

3. Collins

Location: New York, San Francisco

An independent, in-house branding agency, Collins focuses on the combination of creativity and technology, with a specialization in working with those in the tech industry. This includes branding work for Facebook, Twitch, and Mailchimp. A focus on clear but stylish communication allows them to put the brand strengths at the forefront of their strategies in a truly modern style that still retains some creative flair.

4. DesignStudio

Location: San Francisco, London, Sydney

Having worked like brands such as Airbnb, Deliveroo, and Twitter, Design Studio focuses on creating brand strategies that are designed to highlight the meaningful connections that each person can have with those brands. By focusing on the personal niche appeal of the brand, they create highly memorable brand content.

5. Siegel+Gale

Location: US (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco); UK (London); India (Dubai); China (Shanghai); Japan (Tokyo)

With a focus on “weaving art and logic together,” Seigel+Gale specialises in helping companies find the simple but effective message that communicates their values as strongly and readably as possible. They have worked in a range of industries, including consumer markets, education, health care, hospitality, professional services, and more, offering brand strategy, design, and experience to establish brands designed to cut through the clutter as cleanly as possible. 

Clients include CVS Health, Blue Apron, Wyndham Hotel Group, and Wells Fargo.

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Adzooma Marketplace is where over 50,000 businesses & agencies come together to find their perfect digital marketing partner.

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6. Moving Brands 

Location: US (New York, San Francisco); UK (London), Switzerland (Zurich)

As the name implies, this team is dedicated to helping brands establish images that are able to move and change with the times under the tagline “Creativity for the Moving World.” The team focuses on design, film, storytelling and technology, growing an understanding of these tools to help organizations create strong and creative messages that can help them stand out. Some of their past clients include Netflix, Google, Uber, Eir, and more.

7. LPK 

Location: Cincinnati, London, Geneva

A branding agency with a focus on global innovation, LPK has worked with brands such as Pringles, Pampers, Gilette, and more, design strategies that build a connection between organizations and audiences. Their “culture-ready brands” are designed to help shape a company’s message to emergent cultures domestically and around the world, connecting with the zeitgeist to help those brands hit more effectively.

Other clients include Milka, Titleist, BP, and The State University of New York.

8. Interbrand 

Location: New York (global HQ) and 14 other offices around the world.

This branding agency focuses on making use of the science behind customer behaviour, utilizing intelligent to predict what is next in those trends and applying those predictions to brands. To that end, they have worked with MINI, Sephora, Samsung, and more, helping to update brands to make them not just relevant to modern culture, but innovative in their space, as established as they may already be, through a combination of empathy, analytics, and creativity. 

9. FutureBrand

Location: 18 offices around the world including London, New York, Paris, and Geneva.

As the name suggests, FutureBrand’s in-house teams focus primarily on establishing and conveying the brands of businesses that are growing and changing to meet the needs of future markets. This includes creating corporate & service branding, consumer branding, retail & hospitality experiences, and digital brand experiences. Their services include research and analytics, strategy and design services, brand management, and innovative product design services all design to help update and rejuvenate brands.

10. BrandMe 

Location: London

This UK branding team specializes in creating brand messages and strategies that are built on the specific and personal connection that many brands have with their audiences. As such, their approach always starts by asking who you are talking to, making sure that you’re using the right language, visuals, and mediums to connect with the audience that’s paying attention. They identify trends that can apply to your brand identity, offer pack design, artwork, and mock-ups, and can help both create and offer guardianship over your brand.

Previous clients include Sainsbury’s, Orangina, Birds Eye, and Pepsi.

11. THG Studios 

Location: 5 offices in the UK, 1 in Portugal, and 1 in the US

A team with services designed to help brands “thrive in an online world.” Their work includes campaigns for Lookfantastic, Coggles, and Espa. They have worked with brands on launches, rebranding campaigns, brand optimization, and much more. By helping to establish a campaign of creative content, they aim to help brands explore and push their potential to find the most engaging messaging possible.


With the spotlight provided on the branding agencies above, you hopefully have a better idea of what kind of services and approach you need. Take the time to understand what your aims are and to what end you want to use branding and choose the team that best aligns with those aims to ensure the best results.

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