Why Local Retailers Need To Advertise Online (With Stats To Back It Up)

It’s more than a little obvious that internet shopping is here to stay. It’s growing daily and many people now prefer it to the high street for a large percentage of their purchases.

All the initial barriers that held some people back from truly embracing online shopping have now come down. Trust issues have all but evaporated and most people now feel much more secure purchasing online.

This means if you haven’t done so already, you need to fully embrace online marketing before it’s too late.

Yes, the stats back this up:

Online sales of non-food items have soared over the past five years, from 11.6 per cent of the total market in December 2012 to 24.1 per cent in December 2017.

Add to that the growing list of food items you can order online, including such unlikely suspects as fresh meat, tea, coffee and cookies and there’s no wonder people have warmed to the pure convenience.

We no longer have to lug around heavy, awkward bags or boxes from the high street, as we can now let a courier or the postman take care of it.

Amazon has obviously been one of the leaders in persuading us to shop in ‘coach potato’ mode and the convenience has become addictive for most of us. Choose, pay, sit back and enjoy.

And despite ups and downs along the way, it’s still growing fast. 

According to Nick Carroll, senior retail analyst at Mintel, any occasional customers who may have moved away from Amazon are more than made up for by the continuing growth in Amazon Prime which Carroll feels is the biggest threat to the high street.

Local retailers beware!

Long gone are the days for sitting back and hoping this is all a bad dream and it will go away soon. 

Internet shopping for most of us offers more choice, more convenience, it’s faster and we can do it all in a bath robe, with a cup of tea in our hand at 3am if we choose.

That’s why it’s here to stay.

According to a BBC article convenience is one of the lead motivators:

Convenience is probably the most important factor, with next day delivery pretty much standard now. Some online retailers are even pushing same-day delivery hard in some areas. It is easy to compare different products online and you can order five shirts, try them all on, and then send four back.

And the impact on local retailers is getting gradually heavier:

There were 4,083 new store openings in 2017, the lowest since 2010, but 5,855 outlets closed, meaning a total of 1,772 shops disappeared, according to the Local Data Company.

Of course, certain purchases will need us to jump in the car and turn up in person, but the list is shrinking rapidly. And that should concern you as a local retailer if you haven’t yet fully embraced online shopping.

Obviously to find your new customers, you need to advertise somewhere.

The old guards such as the newspaper or the Yellow Pages are failing rapidly in popularity, as people head to the internet to make their shopping choices.

The only way to ensure you remain competitive is to build your online presence and advertise online. If the majority of your potential customers are searching for you online, YOU need to be easy to find online.

The rise of the mobile device

According to research conducted by Criteo, (after analysis of browsing and purchasing data from more than 5,000 retailers across over 80 countries), mobile sales have risen by 66% and account for more than a half (54%) of overall online sales made in the UK in Q1 2018.

The chief strategy officer at Criteo, Jonathan Opdyke said:

Our latest study shows continuing shifts from desktop to mobile shopping, as well as from retailer websites to apps. Today’s shopper is on-the-go and researching across multiple screens, requiring a cohesive, data-driven approach to intersect and influence buying decisions.

This growth should be a clear sign to retailers that to remain competitive, they must embrace this and make their brands mobile friendly.

It’s not difficult to get started

It’s very easy to get left behind though. 

The best way to keep up and stay competitive is to advertise your business online and that’s perfectly taken care of for you with Google advertising.

Known as Google Ads, its PPC (Pay Per Click) format and brilliant targeting options means you can hone in on people looking for what you’re offering. And thanks to its pinpoint geographical targeting, you can attract potential local customers quickly and easily, straight to your store or business premises.

Forget the steep learning curve

Google advertising is used by millions of businesses around the globe but it does have a fairly steep learning curve to get the most out of it. Many people begin using it and give up quite quickly as it does take time to master.

If you’re unfamiliar with this kind of advertising, but want to benefit from new visitors virtually on tap and very cost effectively, Adzooma can help you.

We’re a mixture of Google advertising experts and state of the art, custom built advertising software to give you everything you need to successfully build your business online, the right way.

If you want to catch up and become ultra-competitive while future proofing your business, check out our homepage and see how we can help you reach your advertising goals fast and ensure you’re on the internet map.  

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