Why Knowing Your USP Can Make You More Money

Discover what the exact Unique Selling Point (USP) is for your business and how you can use it to boost your sales and make your business more money.

There are lots of complex and confusing terms in markering. But, unless you work in marketing, most of them aren’t useful for your everyday business or don’t get used in the right ways.

But, amongst all the jargon, there are specific, proven marketing essentials which can help you stand out, increase your profits and help your business grow. 

Your USP is one of them.

So, let’s find out exactly what your USP is and how you can use it to make your business more money.

So, What Is A USP?

A USP is a Unique Selling Point.

It’s the thing that sets your company apart from all your competitors. It’s the one thing you offer or provide that no one else does. 

It could include things like:

  • Stocking more variations than any other competitor
  • A longer guarantee
  • Offering more personalisation than anyone else
  • Having the lowest prices in your industry

The key point here is that your USP is completely unique.

It can’t include things like being mobile, open 24 hours or having 20 years experience if your competitors offer the same thing. The only exception to this rule is that if you were the first company to offer a particular service – then you’ve got something extra to show for leading the way.

To find your USP, think about what makes you different. Then, take a quick look around to see if anyone else does the same. Can’t find anyone? Congratulations, you’ve just discovered your USP.A you vs your competitor on your USP.

Why Your USP Is Important

Customers don’t just have one option of where they can buy. With nearly every business online, your competitors are just as easy to find as your own company.

That means it’s no longer enough to just offer the products and services that you do. What you need is a way to convince people why they should buy from you and no one else. 

Your USP is a way to do this. After all, this is a way to clearly and directly state what you offer that no one else does. Used right, this will be the thing that lets customers choose your company, increasing your conversions and profits.This is a Venn Diagram, showing the main sections of a unique selling proposition. The sections are what you brand does well in the top, what your competitor does well on the bottom right and what the consumer wants on the bottom left. the parts you should focus on is what your brand does well as well as what the consumer wants.

Use Your USP To Increase Your Profits

You’ve got your USP.

Now it’s time to tell your customers about it. Don’t make them dig for this information. Make it bold, clear and loud as possible. 

Give it prominence on your website and adverts. Wherever your visitors find you, make sure they know the reason why they should buy from you.

Let’s say for instance, that you have a business that fixes computers. Your USP is that you can fix any problem within 2 hours. If you can’t, your customers get their fixes for free.

This is a massive selling point – so you should make it obvious. There’s no point having a headline or ad title that just says “Get Your Computer Reliably And Quickly Fixed”. Make it targeted and specific to your USP, such as “Get Your Computer Fixed In 2 Hours Or It’s Free”.

Getting the idea now? It’s easy to see how a solid USP can help your business to continually profit and grow into the future.

Haven’t got the time to take advantage of this huge potential boost to your business?

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