Will Google AdWords Help To Grow Your Business?

It doesn’t matter what you sell, where you are based, or how many staff you have, Google AdWords simply puts your ads in front of people looking for what you sell, at the very moment they are searching for it.

As you may know, Google AdWords is a huge advertising platform with a global reach. However, because of this, many smaller businesses mistakenly think that it’s only for the big blue-chip brands, or those who are internet tech savvy.

That’s simply not true and you’d be amazed at the diverse range of companies successfully using Google AdWords to attract new customers and clients.

One-person businesses through to global brands, both ‘bricks and mortar’ and internet-based, are all benefiting from this powerful advertising network.

It doesn’t matter what you sell, where you are based, or how many staff you have, Google AdWords can work for your business. It simply puts your ads in front of people looking for what you sell, at the very moment they are searching for it.

If you are looking for a fast, cost-effective way, to attract highly targeted customers or clients to your business, Google AdWords is almost perfect.

However, there is a learning curve and you’ll need to understand a few things first:

  • You may need to tweak and test your ads to find the best response.
  • Don’t expect to explode your business overnight, but there are very few more-efficient ways to get new customers quickly.
  • The key is sticking to a few simple rules, moving forward slowly, and keeping a close eye on your results.

Here are our 5 top tips for making the most of Google AdWords, from day one:

1: Set aside a budget for testing your ads

As previously mentioned, don’t expect to hit a home run with your very first ad campaign. It takes a little time to get a feel for AdWords and you need to test a few ads to get a feel for the response.

Many people expect too much too soon and become disheartened when they don’t get it right first time. Which is a shame, because, with just a little effort, you can turn AdWords into a constant stream of new customers, very cost-effectively.

Would you expect to hit a home run with your first newspaper ad? No. It can take weeks of testing and waiting for the newspaper ads to be seen in the subsequent issues. With Google AdWords however, your testing can begin in the next few hours and your changes go live immediately.

You may only need a couple of hundred pounds/dollars to test and find your best ads, as it all depends on your market and the competition for ads on AdWords.

The new business you get once your ads begin working will more than make up for anything you spend on testing. 

It’s more of an investment than a cost, so embrace it and you’ll soon see why so many other businesses swear by this super-targeted ad network.

2: Set clear goals for your ads

This is so important for a successful ad campaign, but sadly it’s overlooked and people suffer the consequences by getting poor results.

Why do you want to advertise your business, specifically? 

  • Do you need new customers coming into your shop?
  • People to call your business to book an appointment?
  • Potential customers to download your brochure or price list?
  • People to visit your website and see your latest special offer?

Whatever it is, focus your ads on ONE goal each, not all of them. 

‘Come and see our cost-effective range’, ‘Call to book your first discounted session’, ‘Download our current brochure right now’, ‘Click to visit our site and grab your bargain’, etc, are all targeted ad examples and will work better than a confusing ad.

The great thing is, you can use Ad Extensions to include things like your business phone number, so potential customers can call you without even clicking through to your site.

It may seem like a good idea to cram everything into an ad, so it appeals to more people, but that makes it non-specific. It simply doesn’t work as well as focusing on one potential goal at a time.

The more targeted your ad, the more targeted clicks you’ll get. It’s simple human psychology.

So set your ad goals first, then use a separate ad for each. You’ll find your conversions are much higher and your ads will be working efficiently for you.

3: Use the principles of good copy in your ads


This can seem tricky at first if you’re not used to writing effective ads. But the principles are pretty straightforward.

Try and include a benefit in your ad. Why should they choose your product or service? How will it solve their problem, save them time, or save them money?

At the very least, use the fact you are the most cost-effective, have the most awards, the most highly trained staff, the only “XYZ” in the local area, your deal includes more extra’s than the competition, or whatever your unique angle is.

Use a CTA (Call to action) in your ads where possible, such as ‘Click to secure your place’ ‘Grab our special offer’ ‘Download right now’ or something else to push for the click.

You can also price qualify in your ads. ”Our XYZ is just £29.99” will ensure that anyone who feels you’re too expensive, won’t click. This means you are not paying for clicks from unsuitable leads.

Here’s our post on writing great headlines, to help you with this.

4: Use specific Landing Pages

If you run an ad inviting people to download something from your website, make sure when they click your ad, they’re taken straight to a download page. 

DO NOT simply send them to your home page and make them hunt for their download. You’ll lose them and look unprofessional at the same time.

Special offer? Specific landing page, please. It’s categorically proven to convert much better when you show people exactly what you said you were showing them in the ad.

It’s really easy to add a simple landing page to your site. It takes minutes.

Try using the same headline on your landing page as your ad, so people see exactly what they are expecting when they click through. The page doesn’t have to be long, it simply has to support your ad exactly.

We have a great post on landing pages here if you need a little more help.

5: Choose your keywords wisely


Keywords are simply the words and phrases you choose in your individual ad campaigns to trigger your ad. Once again, being specific is the key.

Your ads only show when someone searches Google for your chosen keywords. But don’t think that the more clicks you get the better, as that’s simply not true.

Targeted clicks are what you need and the more targeted, the more cost-effective, as you are only paying for clicks from people who are interested in what you have to offer.

If you’re an accountant in Nottingham and want to attract local clients, do not use keywords such as ‘Accountant’ or ‘Hire an Accountant’. You could get people from anywhere clicking your ad only to find they can’t use you as you’re not local to them.

AdWords gives you the power to target your ads perfectly, including geographically.

So ‘Accountant in Nottingham’ would make a great keyword, as only people looking for exactly that are going to click through. This Means your conversion of visitors into clients is going to be much higher, with fewer wasted clicks, making your customer acquisition costs lower.

You can read our article on some kickass AdWords tips.

Google AdWords can work for you

So, Google AdWords can work for any business when used correctly.

And the great thing is, once your ads are regularly producing leads, you’ll know exactly how much you need to spend to get each new customer. Knowing this is extremely powerful as you can literally turn your ad campaign on or off, depending on your new customer target levels, at any one time.

You’ll find it’s very low cost in comparison to most other marketing channels, simply because it’s so targeted. Only people typing in phrases related to your business will see your ad and you only pay each time someone clicks on your ad, not just when it’s viewed.

People don’t click if they’re not interested, so the visitors arriving at your website are ALL potential customers. All you have to do is convert them. So accept that you need to be patient, learn as much as you can about how to use it and stick to the rules we’re sharing with you.

Do this and AdWords can be the best marketing tool you’ve ever used.

Your other option

You now have enough info to head on out and try Google AdWords for yourself. Stick to our tips and you’ll be fine. However, if you think that all this sounds a bit too much to take in right now, but you want to benefit from the fast, targeted visitors AdWords can bring you, head over to our homepage and check out Adzooma for yourself.

It’s been designed from the ground up to flatten your PPC advertising learning curve and set you up in minutes, rather than days. You can have your ads live and visitors arriving at your website in an hour from now. Head to Adzooma’s main page to find out how easy it really is.

Phil Coleman
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