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Hands-Free, 24/7 Optimisation For When You Can't Be There

Create fail-safe alerts and custom rules to take action on your behalf. We’ll monitor your campaigns, while you focus on more important things.

Say hello to your free, virtual assistant.

Feature focus Automation

Create fail-safe alerts and custom rules to take action on your behalf. We’ll monitor your campaigns, while you focus on more important things.

Say hello to your free, virtual assistant.

What is Adzooma Automation?

Adzooma Automation is the virtual PPC assistant you’ve always wanted.

It’s powered by a simple, rule-based system. If an event happens, it will take a certain action.

These events can be anything from low CTR rates, a set number of clicks or budget spend, low-converting adverts and much more. Whatever you need, set the rule, tell Adzooma what action you want to take and set it going.

Automations are the fail-safes in case anything goes wrong. They’re a way to automatically carry out the micro-changes you don’t have time for. They’re a custom alarm system, letting you know when you need to spring into action, and much more.

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Set up rules and get down to strategy

Adzooma Automation is a time-saving feature designed to help you concentrate on the bigger picture. By letting us take care of the manual little changes, you can find time to focus on the wider strategy and new creatives to blow your competitors out the water.

It’s easy to set up.

Set up rules

You’ll get alerted whenever an automated rule has fired, keeping you in the loop at all times.

Don’t want us to take action? No problem. We can just notify you to make the changes manually.

Create Your First Rule Today
Create Your First Rule Today

Quick start with templated rules

Not sure where to get started with automated rules? We’ve got your back with a selection of premade templates for you to choose from.

Quick start with automation rules

Each of these templates has been chosen by industry experts as their go-to rules for setting up and optimising their campaigns. They’re rules that have stood the test and have proven results in optimising campaigns.

What’s more, you can customise these rules. Use these templates as a starting point and tailor them to your own needs and campaigns. Easy.

Choose from one of our selected templates, such as:

Pause Non-Converting Keywords

Stop bidding on keywords that aren’t driving conversions.

Low CTR Ad Groups

Set your minimum CTR rate and get alerted when an ad group hits it.

Low Campaign Conversion Rate

Protect your ROI when your conversion rate is low but spend is high.

Pause Poor Performing Ads

Prevent wasted spend on adverts that are getting clicks but not conversions.

Campaign Budget Underspend

Get alerted when your spend is lower than your pre-set amount.

Improve Poor Performing Keywords

Get notified of keywords with a poor Quality Score and CTR.

And much more.

We’re always updating this list of templates. If you can’t see what you need, let us know and we’ll work on getting it added to the growing section.

Ready to test automations?

Fully controllable and customisable

Your rules, your way.

Customise and control everything about your rule. Your virtual assistant will make it happen.

Apply rules to all ads, keywords, ad groups or campaigns with a single selection. Or, mix and match. Apply a single rule to keywords from one ad group, a few from another and so on. It’s your choice, we just make it easy.

Create custom rules with ease

Adzooma Automation rules cover nearly all metrics for Google, Facebook and Microsoft, making it the most accurate and in-depth rule creating system out there. If that’s not enough, we’ve also got the ability to increase budgets by certain %’s and implement And/Or conditions coming soon for even more intelligent selections.

If you’re ready to get started, log in to your Adzooma account or sign up for free here.

Then, click ‘Automation’ at the top and the ‘Add A New Rule’ button. From there, just follow our guided 5-step instructions to set up your new rule. Simple.

Create your own by joining Adzooma for free.

Create your own

Schedule rules to work for you

With Adzooma Automation, you control exactly how and when rules run.

Want to be alerted of your weak performers every Tuesday before you work on that campaign? Not a problem.

Want to make sure your budget is used best during your busiest times? You got it.

Need something to run daily at 9 am? It’s done.

You create the rule and tell us when to run it. We’ll take care of the rest.

Discover how much time Adzooma can save you

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Part of your

Identify, optimise and control.
That's Adzooma's three steps to simplify your working week.

Adzooma Automation is another

Identify action

Check in

with Adzooma opportunities for quick one-click fixes

Check-in with Adzooma


where to take action with accurate and intelligent reporting

Take control of your campaigns

Make changes

in Adzooma Management and set up rules for hands-free optimisations.

Then, rinse and repeat for better campaign management.

Identify where to
take action
Improve your
Track your success
Rinse and Repeat

Ready to get started?

Discover the power of hands-free optimisation
and create your first automated rule.

New to Adzooma?

New to Adzooma? Sign up for free.

Adzooma is recognised as the Best Tracking Technology, according to the UK Digital Growth Awards and was recognised as a Rising Star at the Northern Tech Awards. It has also been nominated for best PPC Management Software Suite at the US Search Awards and Best Software Innovation at the MENA Search Awards.


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