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Optimise. Automate. Win. Adzooma is packed full of time-saving and profit-boosting features. Put simply, it’s the only management platform you’ll ever need for your Google, Facebook and Microsoft Ads campaigns.

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Intelligent software
Intelligent software

Intelligent software that works in your best interests

Based on best practices and data from your campaigns, Adzooma’s Opportunity Engine expertly conducts custom-made checks to provide suggestions specific to your business. No hidden agenda, just powerful suggestions to cut wasted spend and boost ROI.

Unique opportunities that work in your best interests
Machine learning ensures better and better suggestions
Changes automatically sync with your advertising account
Fix Spelling Mistakes
Fix Spelling Mistakes

Powerful suggestions that deliver better ROI

Adzooma scientifically analyses your data 24/7 to find recommendations most likely to grow your business. With over 50 possible opportunities, you get a regular stream of suggestions that ensure your campaigns are always producing the best possible results.

Adjust bidding strategies and targeting to improve ROI
Fix problems and cut wasted spend
Highlight new opportunities to scale your campaigns

Intuitive UX that allows you to work more efficiently

No more hunting around to find the data you need to optimise your accounts. Adzooma utilises a number of time-saving features that make it possible to manage and grow your campaigns with just a few minutes each day.

Queue opportunities and only apply when you’re ready
Many opportunities can be applied with a single click
Stay in control and choose to apply or ignore each suggestion
Automation Rules
Automation Rules

Rule-based automation that saves you time

Put an end to tedious manual tasks. Automatically pause your campaigns when they reach your spend cap or reduce your bids on poor performing keywords to protect your budget. By setting up a few simple rules Adzooma becomes your 24/7 automatic assistant.

Create automations to manage your campaigns, ads and targeting
Get notifications when automation rules are triggered
Choose to make the changes yourself or let Adzooma do it for you

Account management that makes life easier

Multiple advertising accounts? No problem. Adzooma lets you connect them all and optimise performance across all your campaigns at once. Get a simple overview and adjust your budgets all from one screen.

Run multiple accounts from one login
Get a one-page overview and make changes from a single screen
Easily see which accounts you need to focus on first
Automation Rules
Automation Rules

Custom reporting that eliminates number-crunching

Understanding data is vital to the performance of your campaigns but compiling it takes time. Adzooma solves this by letting you run easy-to-digest reports at the click of a button. Use the report builder to create custom reports to send to clients and colleagues.

Filter, sort and export reports based on what you need to see
Customise reports with your own layout and logo
Save templates to make running regular reports quick and simple

Feedback portal that helps Adzooma grow with your needs

Most tools dictate you what you need and when you need it. Adzooma is different. You get to shape the future of the software by submitting feature requests that will grow your business. Send ideas via Slack, Facebook, or email and we’ll add them to the list.

Use Slack, Facebook, or email to provide feedback
Request custom features that will make your job easier
See which features have been implemented with product updates

Why you can trust Adzooma

Why you can trust Adzooma


Our T&Cs mean your data is always secure.


We are Google, Facebook and Microsoft Partners


We use machine learning to deliver a better experience.


New features and advancements are continually added.


You only pay for what you need.


No long-term contracts, you can cancel any time.

Our Customers Heart Adzooma

Our Customers Heart Adzooma

Five star review

This is an incredible tool. It’s easy to set up, has tons of awesome features and makes the whole process of Google Ad optimisation so easy your granny could do it. The machine learning engine makes some very smart suggestions about your ads, and you can even make changes to your Google Ad account with a single click. Best of all, though, is the support. It’s second to none.

Robert Carter


Google Reviews
Five star review

Fantastic Customer support. A great service, that has quite a few competitors, however it does look like they offer some features not available in others. Being pro-active and listening to customers and clients, is a major part of growing any business and Adzooma certainly do that. Highly recommend.

Populo Creative


Google Reviews
Five star review

Amazing tool, the functionalities are excellent and it saves lots of time in maintaining of multiple ad accounts. Some very good insight and suggestions on the connected accounts and the tool is evolving very fast. Looking forward to making this my go to ad management tool.

Tatsat Savani


Google Reviews

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