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Thanks to an exclusive
partnership between
and Adzooma you can now . . .

Get cashback on your ad spend*

Get cashback on your ad spend*

Reduce the cost of your Google,
and Microsoft ads starting today

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Get cashback on ad spend

The easiest way to reduce
your ad spend costs

Get cashback on other
Revolut card purchases too

Manage up to 200 virtual
cards within 1 account

A rare opportunity

A rare opportunity

You’ll find many cashback offers online, but have you ever seen one for ad spend? No, neither have we.

With more than 14 million users, over 12,000 daily sign ups and $5.5 billion monthly transaction volume, Revolut has become a huge and well respected online brand.

That’s why we’re so excited to partner with them and bring you this exclusive and incredibly beneficial offer.

Sign up to Revolut Business FREE and get cashback on all your ad spend on your Google, Facebook and Microsoft ad accounts connected to Adzooma

It’s that simple.

And if you make other purchases on your Revolut card, you’ll also get cashback on all those too.

Use the calculator below to see exactly what you’ll save on your ad spend:

Daily Ad Spend
Daily Ad Spend


Annual savings

Annual savings $3000.00

Unlock valuable ‘Perks’

Unlock valuable ‘Perks’

Once you join Revolut you’ll also unlock other ‘Perks’, which includes discounts and cashback on brands you know and love, simply by using your Revolut card.

The more you use your Revolut card, the more rewards you unlock from dozens of top brands including Amazon, TUI, National Express, Trainline and HelloFresh.

Enjoy even more benefits with Revolut

Discount Rewards:

Get instant discounts at the merchant’s store when you pay using Revolut (either by card, online, or using Apple Pay/Google Pay).

Discount Rewards:
Cashback Rewards:

Earn a percentage of the purchase price back when you shop using your Revolut card with the relevant merchant, (as long as the Perk is active).

Cashback Rewards:
Interbank Exchange Rate:

Transfer money abroad in 30+ currencies with the Interbank exchange rate,Send money instantly, request money, split bills with friends and family.

Interbank Exchange Rate:
200 Virtual Cards:

You can also get up to 200 virtual payment cards, making it simple to keep all your accounts separate and easily manageable.

200 Virtual Cards:

Claim your ad spend cashback in just 3 simple steps

Claim your ad spend cashback in just 3 simple steps

Open an account

Click here to open up a new Revolut business account.


Add your virtual cards to FB, MS and Google and connect them to Adzooma

That's it!

Enjoy your ad spend cashback on your Revolut Business account

Once you’ve completed these simple steps, you’ll get
monthly cashback statements, with quarterly payments.

NOTE: Offer currently available to UK and EU users only with pre-registration for US customer available in preparation for Jan 2021

To facilitate paying your cashback reward, Revolut will share limited information and personal data about you with Adzooma. This will be limited to: your business' name; the email address you used to register with Revolut Business; the country your business is established; the total spend with Adzooma from your Revolut Business cards; and your Revolut bank account details.

*Fixed 0.25% cashback