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What is the Web Score Report?

The Web Score Report analyzes your website, checking things like speed, usability, and technical performance. The faster and easier to use your website is, the easier it is for customers to find and purchase what they’re looking for.

The report identifies areas for improving a visitor’s website experience and generates an overall score including a breakdown of what’s scored highly and what needs improving.

How to get your report

To see your report, first log in or create an Adzooma account. When you are logged in, click Visibility from the navigation bar. You will then be presented with Adzooma's Visibility features, select the Website option to run your report.

The report requires you to enter your website URL in the specified box and then click the “Run Report” button.

You will receive an overall score out of 100 which is calculated by the tool by reviewing your website as a desktop and mobile user, generating a score for each and then providing the average score.

What does the score mean?

The metrics score and the performance score are colored according to these ranges:

  • 0-49 = Poor
  • 50-89 = Needs Improvement
  • 90-100 = Good

To provide a good user experience, websites should strive to have a good score (90 - 100). You can simply read through the recommendations on the report and decide whether to action them.


How long does the report take to run?

It takes a couple of minutes to run the Web Score report. Which includes generating the suggestions for improvements.

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