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What is the Web Score Report?

The Web Score Report analyzes website factors such as speed, usability, and technical performance. The faster and easier to use your website is, the easier it is for customers to find and purchase what they’re looking for.

The report identifies areas for improving a visitor’s website experience and generates an overall score including a breakdown of high-scoring factors, and those that need improving.

How to get your report

To view your report, first log in or create an Adzooma account. Once you're logged in, click 'Visibility' from the navigation bar, choose the 'Website' option, and enter your URL to run your report.

The score you'll receive has been calculated from both your mobile and desktop website experience, providing a thorough assessment of your site performance.

What does the score mean?

The metrics score and the performance score are colored according to these ranges:

  • 0-49 = Poor
  • 50-89 = Needs Improvement
  • 90-100 = Good

To provide a positive user experience, websites should strive to have a score within the 'Good' bracket (90 - 100). The recommendations within our report will provide the necessary direction to improve your score and website performance.


How long does the report take to run?

It takes a couple of minutes to run the Web Score report including the generation of the suggestions for improvements.

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