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More than just an advertising platform, here's why Adzooma is your time-saving workflow to grow your business online.

Personalised step-by-step checklists
Step 1

Set yourself up for success

Get a clear view of exactly where your business is right now with our business marketing score. Then, follow the step-by-step checklists to improve your score and lay the foundations that will help grow your business.

Step 2

Create & manage digital marketing campaigns in seconds

Use our intuitive campaign builder to build new online marketing campaigns in seconds. Once your campaigns are up and running, we’ll analyze your performance to make sure you’re achieving the best results possible.

Adzooma Academy
Step 3

Check your score & keep improving

See how your campaigns are performing and with our free reports work your way through our actionable suggestions to achieve the best results.

Personalised step-by-step checklists
Step 1

Get an overview of where you’re at now

Our PPC Performance Report scores your campaigns out of 100 and gives you a list of actions you can take right now to boost your results.

That means you get an immediate overview of where you’re at now so you know where to focus your time.

Step 2

Monitor for opportunities to improve, 24/7

Our platform will continuously analyze your campaigns for actionable improvements to help you grow.

This includes essentials such as adjusting your bids, flagging keywords that aren’t performing and suggesting when it’s time for new adverts.

Step 3

Expand your reach

The Campaign builder allows you to add new keywords and fresh ads to existing campaigns, or create entirely new campaigns completely.

Keep growing with our range of informative reports that break down your data and highlight what’s working and what isn’t.

Adzooma have been a great partner in helping us to launch our new business. They have really taken time to understand our business and introduce us to their platform and digital marketing in general.

Duncan SmithFounder, Handpicked Wine Box

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Take the stress out of advertising online

Adzooma is packed full of really useful, time and stress saving features to reduce your workload and ensure your advertising always runs smoothly.

Here are some of the more advanced features you’ll be using soon:

Listing Management

Quickly and easily update, publish and monitor your business information such as opening times, location and address, phone number and more across 50+ platforms.

Review Management

Request new reviews from your customers vis email, text, or QR code and manage those reviews for your business across multiple platforms, all in one central location.

Create, Manage, and Optimize Paid Ads

Manage, optimize, and grow your Google, Facebook, and Microsoft advertising campaigns all in one, easy to use platform.

Your Business Marketing Score Report

Our free assessment offers an overall performance score, insights, and actionable next steps to help you understand what’s working with your online marketing and where you can improve.

Powerful To Do Lists

Step-by-step checklists to help you understand and implement results driven marketing tactics with ease, and speed. We’ll suggest what you need to do, you tick it off when you complete it.

Automation Tools

Spend less time running ads. Our platform automates most of the campaign management for you.

SEO Made Simple

Maximize your online visibility and website traffic with recommendations that tell you exactly how to improve your Google rankings

PPC Performance Report

An expert snapshot of how your campaigns are performing, scored out of 100. Use the suggested actions to improve your success over time.

Customizable Reporting

Get essential insights into your business and track how the opportunities you’ve implemented improve our business over time.

Playbooks and Courses

Gain expert knowledge, get certified and grow your business with marketing playbooks, easy-to-follow video tutorials and accredited courses.

Add Team Members

Working in a team? Add members to your account for free and ensure everyone is informed.

Google Analytics Integration

Easily integrate your Adzooma account with Google Analytics for valuable insights on how users behave on your website.

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