Ready to raise your brand profile and authority?

Ready to raise your brand profile and authority?

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Our blog content has been shared on high authority websites including:


So you’d like to write
for us?

So you’d like to write
for us?

Good move. Because publishing your content on trusted, high value blogs like Adzooma*, has some huge business boosting benefits. Especially when you post regularly.

You only need a quick look at the research to see that blogging is a proven and powerful way to attract people to your business.

It’s perfect for building your brand authority, being seen as an expert in your
industry and building trust and credibility with your potential customers:

Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to have a positive ROI on their efforts. (1)

70% of people would prefer to learn about a company through articles rather than advertisements. (2)

62.96% of readers perceive blogs with multiple authors to be more credible. (3)

Build your authority

Build your authority

Our blog content is shared on many industry-leading websites and blogs, and attracts thousands of interested visitors to our website and social channels, who can read your post.

With an average of over 45,000+ visitors to Adzooma’s blog a month and growing, that’s a lot of eyes on your content.

And as the blog is completely targeted to the digital marketing industry, many of those visitors could potentially be interested in what you offer.

Which all means you can quickly and easily leverage Adzooma’s reach and reputation, to enhance your own brand and SEO profile while being seen as a leader in the industry.

So how do you get your guest posts on the Adzooma blog?

So how do you get your guest posts on the Adzooma blog?

All you need to do is. . .

Claim your Adzooma Marketplace listing

Claim your Adzooma Marketplace listing

Your listing has the same goal as your guest posts. They both showcase your
brand, along with building your profile and authority in the industry.

And together, they make the perfect showcasing package:

Marketplace Listing:

Marketplace Listing:

  • Add your reviews, contact information and business profile to your listing

  • Your own dedicated account manager to ensure you make the most of it

  • Enjoy a 7 day grace period in the first month, to perfect your listing
Guest Blog Posts:

Guest Blog Posts:

As we get inundated with requests for guest posts on Adzooma, we’ve decided to offer this chance exclusively to our marketplace customers.

  • Publish a post once a month on our popular, rapidly growing blog

  • Our team of professional content writers will help proofread

  • We’ll recommend changes to your posts, before they go live
Claim your Marketplace listing and
guest blog post right now and:

Claim your Marketplace listing and
guest blog post right now and:

  • Leverage Adzooma’s reach and reputation

  • Enhance your own brand and SEO profile

  • Be seen as a leader in the industry

Once you’ve claimed your listing, you’ll be able
to submit your first guest post.

The type of content we accept

We’re open to content from anyone wishing to cover marketing or tech so long as the content is of benefit
and/or improves a paid search marketer’s mindset or skillset.

Your article could be written in the form of:

Opinion (feel strongly about something? We’re all ears)

Educational (teach other professionals how you do things – How To’s are great for this)

Research (use your own data or combine data that’s in the public domain to make a unique point)

For full guidelines click here

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