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    Adzooma BlogNewsProduct Update: Grouped Opportunities: More Time Saved, More Context Gained

Product Update: Grouped Opportunities: More Time Saved, More Context Gained

February 20, 2020
written by John Severn
Grouped Opportunities: More Time Saved, More Context Gained

We've updated the Adzooma platform so you can group your Opportunities. Here's how.

Today, we launched a brilliant quality of life update.

Adzooma’s Grouped Opportunities are live – and, again, it’s thanks to some great user feedback.

Reduce Wasted Spend screen on Adzooma

The update serves two main purposes for the Opportunity Engine:

  • It saves you more time
  • It gives you more context

Let’s dive in.

Finding the big wins fast

Adzooma is always looking for ways you can improve your account, which means the number of Opportunities available can soon stack up.

That’s why we’ve changed things up. Opportunities now group together in a list that’s easy to manage.

Animated GIF of Adzooma platform

See at-a-glance where you can have the biggest impact on an account, focus on one area at a time – and get more done with less time. Simple.

See where you’re doing great

The second part of the update is about context. To run a PPC campaign right, you need to have the right information at your fingertips. That’s why we now show you everything we’re checking your account for.

It means you can be 100% certain about where your account is well optimised.

Improve Performance page on the Adzooma platform

See all those zeroes? That’s because the PPC manager in charge of this account is smashing it out of the park in those areas. Or, if we’re being cheeky, it’s because they actioned a few Opportunities to fix these areas last week.

But that’s what Adzooma is all about. Helping you fix problems – and helping you keep on top of your account to maximise performance.

Improving the product is important to everyone here at Adzooma. If you’ve got ideas for features or even small tweaks that will help you do your job better, bring them up in the Adzooma Community Support Group on Facebook.

See you on the platform.

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Jonny C.

“Having used other tools previously (Wordstream & Optmyzr) I can say that Adzooma is far better value and actually helps you to deliver so much more for your accounts.”

Tatsat S.

“Amazing tool, the functionalities are excellent and it saves lots of time in maintaining multiple ad accounts. Looking forward to making this my go-to ad management tool.”