Product Update: Optimise Your Google Ads Quicker Than Ever Before With Automation

Our time-saving automation feature is now live for everyone. See how it can give you more control of your Google Ads and better optimise your campaigns.

Cut Down On Those Repetitive Tasks

No one can monitor their Google Ads 24/7. So it’s easy for things to get missed or your budget wasted without you releasing.

We have a way of giving you eyes in the back of your head – automation.

Previously, only early access users have been able to use this time-saving feature. Now, it’s available for all customers after it’s been refined and improved.

This latest update cuts down on the number of mundane tasks you have to do on a regular basis. And it couldn’t be easier to use.

Automation In Action

Here’s a video giving you a brief run-through of exactly how Adzooma’s new feature works.  Basically, it allows you to easily set up new rules which come into play when certain conditions become true.

For instance, if you want to pause a campaign after your budget has been used, it can be easily done in just a few clicks.

You simply choose the:

  • Rule name
  • Target entity
  • Time period
  • Conditions

And Adzooma looks after everything for you.

Once the terms of the rule have been set up, you just press save and it will run every day.

You can either ask for a notification once the rule has been enforced or one to prompt you to go in manually and make the change yourself.

So, you’re always in control of any changes whilst leaving the hard work to us.

See Success With Your Campaigns

There are so many ways Adzooma can help you optimise your Google Ads account. This is just one of many updates we’ve seen this year and we’re constantly working to find better ways to optimise your campaigns.

Automation is just one way for you to make your Google Ads work harder without any more effort from you.

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