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Get started by taking a free PPC Health Check to get a snapshot of what’s not working in your account.

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The Opportunity Engine crunches raw data and gives you the insight you need in bite-sized chunks. Review them and take action in seconds.

Automate tedious tasks

Set up automated rules, create custom dashboards and download branded reports that you can share with your team and clients.

“We are pleased to have Adzooma on board as a Google Partner," said Adrian Blockus, the head of channel sales for Google in the UK and Ireland.

"Adzooma has demonstrated the product knowledge, technical expertise and drive to help their customers build online success through Google Ads."

Take your campaigns to incredible places

Cut through the noise.

Adzooma’s Opportunity Engine, created by experts and driven by machine learning, finds insights that improve your campaigns.

Stop wasting your time.

Take action and drive performance with just a few clicks.

Automate routine tasks.

Cut out the tedious, manual work and focus on important strategic decisions.

Take control and get more done.

You’re in charge of every change - but now everything is so much quicker to action

Don’t miss anything.

Adzooma monitors your account around the clock so you don’t have to.

Do your job smarter.

Get the reports you need quickly and let Adzooma do all the heavy lifting for you.

How does Adzooma work?

The Opportunity Engine

Here’s the beating heart of Adzooma. It lets you do more with less of your time. It looks at your data and recommends improvements. Here are five common recommendations.

Pause underperforming adverts

Never run ads that don’t make good use of your budget again. The Opportunity Engine will flag adverts that aren’t performing compared to your others. You can pause them with a single click which means you’re instantly making better use of your spend.

Increase keyword bids

Looking at a combination of impressions, click-through rate (CTR) and average position, the Opportunity Engine will predict when you should increase a keyword bid. If it’s likely to increase your clicks, you will be prompted to raise your bid.

Add location targeting to a campaign

The more precisely you can target visitors, the less budget you’re going to waste. The Opportunity Engine lets you enable location targeting quickly so you can focus on clicks that are more likely to become customers.

Fix spelling or grammatical mistakes

Running ads with spelling or grammatical mistakes can significantly impact your Quality Score and click through rate. Adzooma’s automated checks will help you spot and fix errors before your ads go live.

Implement ad extensions

People want instant information when it comes to ads – especially on mobile. Adzooma allows you to quickly add a phone number, location and other extensions to your ads so your customers can take immediate action.

Make your life easier
Automate routine tasks

Take back your time by creating simple rules in the Opportunity Engine. Automate routine tasks and focus on making higher-level decisions.

Custom reporting

Get the info you need for your client or manager in no time at all. Compile what they need quickly and easily, add a custom logo and download as a PDF.

At-a-glance info

Do your job smarter. Adzooma and the Opportunity Engine keep an eye on your account around the clock. Get notifications that give you the insight you need to take action fast.

Why you can trust Adzooma
  • Your account data is always secure with Adzooma’s T&Cs.
  • Adzooma is an industry leader and a Google Premier Partner.
  • The platform is always updating and applying the best practices.
  • Adzooma uses machine learning and draws insight from a huge data pool.
  • Everything is available for an affordable and transparent price.
  • Cancel any time you like. There are no long-term contracts.
Why we’re the right fit
  • Expert team. We’re a Google Premier Partner which means our staff are trained and certified.
  • Cutting-edge technology. We offer coset-effective pricing because our highly intelligent software does the number crunching for us.
  • No contracts. You can change your plan or cancel whenever you like.
  • Fair pricing. We combine human expertise with innovative technology to level the playing field when it comes to your costs.
  • Proven results. Businesses big and small have grown their profits using Adzooma.
Simple, transparent pricing

We like to keep things easy. Our pricing is based on your monthly Google Ads spend.

New Pilot
Per Month
£1k spend per month
1 advertising account
Live Chat
24 hr Refresh cycle
Trained Pilot
Per Month
£5k spend per month
4 advertising accounts
Live Chat
Phone support
24hr refresh cycle
Advanced Pilot
Per Month
£10k spend per month
4 advertising accounts
Live Chat
Phone support
24hr refresh cycle
Rocket Scientist
Per Month
£100k spend per month
25 advertising accounts
Live Chat
Phone support
12hr refresh cycle

Remember, there are no long-term contracts and you can cancel anytime.

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