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Clever Campaign Builder

The fastest way to launch new ad campaigns 

Our ‘Clever Campaigns’ feature enables you to quickly and easily create Google Advertising campaigns and start driving traffic to your business without researching keywords, writing ads, or configuring campaign settings.

  • High-performing Google Ads campaigns in minutes
  • No need to research keywords or write ads
  • Drive targeted traffic to your website in a few clicks

Analyze your ad accounts in minutes

Clear, insightful reports that you can action right now. Choose from pre-generated reports or create reports with the exact metrics, layout and date range you want without spending hours in Excel.

  • Simplify your workload and save time
  • There’s no need to crunch data 
  • Monitor performance and view key insights

Your virtual paid ads assistant

Our Opportunities feature provides intelligent recommendations that can be pushed live to Google and Microsoft Ads in seconds. Opportunities help boost your performance, reduce wasted spend and optimize your campaigns while reducing time spent analyzing data.

  • New Opportunity recommendations every week
  • Review opportunities and apply in seconds
  • Optimize in minutes, not hours

A single screen to manage all of your ad campaigns

Adzooma Management is the time-saving answer to gaining complete control of your advertising. With a single intuitive screen to efficiently manage your campaigns in minutes, you’ll free up time to focus on improving your overall marketing strategy.

  • See all your campaign data at a glance
  • Make bulk changes quickly 
  • Easily track and compare your performance 

Reduce human error and achieve results faster

Tailor and apply Google, Microsoft and Facebook Ad automation rules to maximize your campaign performance 24/7, even when you are offline. Our cutting-edge automation engine can help you adjust bids, pause ads, set alerts, apply pre-built expert strategies and more.

  • Automate your campaign management schedule
  • Save time with pre-built automation strategies
  • Increase ROAS even when you are offline
Great product. Simple to use but with powerful recommendations that can make a real positive to your campaigns.

John Newman

Getting started with Adzooma

  1. ConnectCreate accurate reports in a click
  2. ManageIdentify actions you need to take
  3. ReviewImprove your campaigns and their performance

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